15 Exhibits Of A Naval Museum

Exhibits Of A Naval Museum

Enjoy pictures taken at the
Naval Museum given below.
20 What Does It Mean To Live Like A President?

What Does It Mean To Live Like A President?

Last time we got a chance to visit the house of the President of Tajikistan.
Let's see what the residence of the Ukrainian President looks like today.
7 Peat Swamp Half Life

Peat Swamp Half Life

A huge peat swamp is located in the northern part of the Moscow region. It was totally flooded
some time ago and now only upper parts of rusty equipment can be seen on its surface.
6 The Thirteenth Element, Part 2

The Thirteenth Element, Part 2

We do not have aluminium spoons or forks in the kitchen anymore, however theкe is something made of aluminium there which we use pretty often. It is foil. Aluminium foil is one of the most popular materials used in food production, electrical industry, pharmacological industry, and automobile industry. It has great heat conduction characteristics, it is hygienic, easy to use and, what is most important, it is environmentally sound because it utterly
disappears in the ground. To produce aluminium foil, it is necessary to build a factory with melting furnaces and a rolling mill which could roll out aluminium bars into sheets which are just 5 micrometers thick. In 1993 such a factory was build near the aluminium production factory in Sayanogorsk we have mentioned in one of our previous articles. Now this factory produces up to 70% of aluminium foil of the country.
23 Paradise Trans-Carpathian Resort

Paradise Trans-Carpathian Resort

Google Earth shows a reservoir surrounded by
mountains and promises wonderful landscapes....
21 Serving On The Home Front Is Not Easier Than At The Front

Serving On The Home Front Is Not Easier Than At The Front

High-powered work is a bulwark of the defence power of the USSR. 1941. With these posters and slogans, they would raise the spirits of the
civilian Soviet people during World War II, calling to hard work and complete dedication in the fight against the common enemy.
10 Intriguing Journey To Kerch And Its Landmarks

Intriguing Journey To Kerch And Its Landmarks

People who travel across the Crimea should visit Kerch. It's a city located on the eastern part of the Crimean peninsula. Kerch, founded 2600 years ago, is considered as one of the most ancient cities
in Ukraine and in the whole world. Today there are a lot of historical and architectural sights of different times there. So we offer you to see the city of Kerch and its main landmarks.  
12 Rocket Division Control Center, Part 2

Rocket Division Control Center, Part 2

In one of our articles we have already mentioned a Rocket Division Control Center in Vlasikha, a place very few people
happen to see and even less manage to share their experience with others with no grave consequences for themselves.
18 Make Your Dream Come True

Make Your Dream Come True

The collection of the turbo bubble gum covers belongs to a person who liked the cars so much that decided to get a real
car that could resemble the one on the cover when he grows up. Didn't you know that dreams always come true?
7 Scaffold Collapse In Zelenograd

Scaffold Collapse In Zelenograd

High-rise scaffolds used in repairing of a building in Zelenograd collapsed today. The scope of the tragedy still can
be assessed in spite of the fact most part of obstruction was cleared by the time the pictures were made.

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