4 Hydropower Plant In Ust-Ilimsk

Hydropower Plant In Ust-Ilimsk

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Ust-Ilimsk Hydropower Plant is one of the largest hydropower plants in Russia and the 14th most powerful hydropower plant of the world. This plant symbolizes the courage and hard work of the Soviet people.

The highest tempo of construction fell on a period lasted since 1963 till 1980.

The first thing that was built, was a builders’ tent.

These are some photos taken in the local history museum.

In the picture: ‘If you are a Komsomol member, prove it with your deeds!’

‘Registration in the Book of Honor’ certificate.

Komsomol Certificate.

Poster calling for a speeded-up tempo of work.

Let’s go back to the hydropower plant. Its average annual power production is 21 billion kw/h.

The dam has a hight of 100 meters.

Some part of the electricity it produces goes to the wood-chemical and aluminium production factories of the region.

It has no navigation passes.

The road to the power plant is a favorite place of school-leavers.

These are views of the old city.

This is a bridge which connects the two parts of Ust-Ilimsk.

In the distance you can see another enterprise built in the time of the soviet Union. It is a timber-processing complex.


Location: Ust-Ilimsk

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