1 A Tour Around A Sand Production Company

A Tour Around A Sand Production Company

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Stark Industry Kharkov 3

Production Commercial Firm ‘Stark’, Ltd extracts sand which is used in metallurgy, glass-making, and dry building mix production. At first, it was able to produce metallurgy sand only, so the company depended on the demand for metal a lot. That  is why they had designed and applied new unique techniques of sand concentration (by washing the sand, they reduced the ammount of clay and other admixtures in it), which resulted in expansion of the range of goods.

Today PCF ‘Stark’, Ltd produces sand of the following kinds: ОВС-020-В, ВС-030-В, ВС-040-1, ВС-050-1, С-070-1, PK-020-З, PK-030-З, PK-040-З, PK-050-З, PK-070-З.

The company’s success may partially be explained by the machinery it has. During the 90s, when all that businessmen cared about was their well-lined pockets, the management of the company invested all the money into the development of the production, which now is a competitive high-tech enterprise with over 200 emloyees.

It is also the biggest taxpayer of the Shevchenkovsky Area of Kharkivs’ka Oblast’ which as a matter of fact forms its budget.

The sand pit you see in the picture, has an area of 270 000 square meters.

Stark Industry Kharkov 4Stark Industry Kharkov 5Stark Industry Kharkov 6

Its weight-carrying ability is 25-35 tons!

Stark Industry Kharkov 7Stark Industry Kharkov 8Stark Industry Kharkov 9Stark Industry Kharkov 10Stark Industry Kharkov 11Stark Industry Kharkov 12

When there are no vehicles within the field of vision, the pit looks like an exotic beach!

Stark Industry Kharkov 13Stark Industry Kharkov 14Stark Industry Kharkov 15Stark Industry Kharkov 16


Stark Industry Kharkov 17Stark Industry Kharkov 18

The laden truck rushes to the concentration machine, while another truck takes its place.

Here they work 24 hours a day, but stop in winter when frosts come. The break will last until spring. They say that in the 90s they came across a human’s site and a mammoth’s remains here during an extraction!

Stark Industry Kharkov 21

While some workers do sand extraction, others close down some lots by covering them with the ground and restoring the black earth.

Stark Industry Kharkov 22

Stark Industry Kharkov 23

This is a sand washing and concentration installation.

Stark Industry Kharkov 24Stark Industry Kharkov 25Stark Industry Kharkov 26Stark Industry Kharkov 27

To extract sand, they have to remove the upper layer of the black earth and clay.

Stark Industry Kharkov 28Stark Industry Kharkov 29Stark Industry Kharkov 30

The sky keeps getting overcast…

Stark Industry Kharkov 31Stark Industry Kharkov 32Stark Industry Kharkov 33

Finished product.

Stark Industry Kharkov 34

They load in onto the train…

Stark Industry Kharkov 35

…to deliver it to the purchaser.

Stark Industry Kharkov 36

One of the sand concentration installations.

Stark Industry Kharkov 37Stark Industry Kharkov 38Stark Industry Kharkov 39

Piles of many-coloured sand form extraterrestrial sceneries!

Stark Industry Kharkov 40Stark Industry Kharkov 41

More finished product.

Stark Industry Kharkov 42

A dryer. Here some of the sand gets packed into sacks.

Stark Industry Kharkov 43

The tour around ‘Stark’ coincided with a raider’s attempt to capture the company, so who knows if you will ever have a chance to see it again.

Location: Kharkivs’ka Oblast’

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  1. geoff says:

    “When there are no vehicles within the field of vision, the pit looks like an exotic beach!”

    I have seen a lot of beaches but none like that. Sand miners are only allowed to operate here in Australia because they have to put the landscape back exactly as it was.

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