18 An Extremely Small Shelter

An Extremely Small Shelter

Posted on October 29, 2011 by team

We are at another shelter. This one is characterized by extremely small size, recent kitting-up, rather good repair and working lighting. So let’s have a look at this structure.

The total number of containing people accounts for 200. Metrage plan on the picture.

Other documentation.

To get to the shelter you are to go through the dusty passage.

Entering the first room.

What do we have here? Protective clothes.

Protective masks.

A set of tableware.

3 bars of kids’ soap. Is it enough for 200 people?

A sealed medicine chest.


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18 Responses to “An Extremely Small Shelter”

  1. ImBored says:

    Running out of material or just forgot that these same photos were posted like a month ago?

  2. Kirk says:

    That is like a four star hotel compared to other shelters posted on this site.

  3. George Johnson says:

    If your government is stocking these up, new, I’d be a bit worried.
    It’s almost like they want to, or are planning on something.

  4. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Amazingly clean.

  5. marxistworker says:

    “The Leader.” Only temporarily. The State will wither away…

  6. geoff says:

    I wonder how many old shelters you have in Russia.

  7. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Gimme Shelter.”

    • geoff says:

      Yes (r)evolutionist, the strolling bones, still going. Have you seen Mick Jagger at the Grammy awards (Youtube). Hes like 68 years old or something and still sing and dance with energy.

  8. dgobautista says:

    where is this shelter located?

  9. popalumi says:

    “The Leader”-am crezut in el pina in 1989, apoi am aflat de la d-l presedinte Ion Iliescu ca nu trebuia sa scindeze Internationala I.!

  10. Sanjok says:

    A lot of new equipment in combination with old installations… Seems strange. The access should be secured, how did you get in? Is it a real shelter?

  11. Y5K says:

    I’m always scared of masked medical personnel. They remind me of surgery.

  12. Jim-Bob says:

    For those wondering why there is this mix of old and new, the answer is simple. The leadership decided to build enough fallout shelter space for every citizen in Moscow and the outlying areas. It is one of the only countries to be doing so at the present time as most other places have long since abandoned the practice. Why Putin felt this was necessary now no one knows. It may be prudence in the face of an unstable world or there may be darker reasons for doing it. All I know is that I wish the US would look into doing it again as we have long since abandoned the idea of civil defense shelters for the ordinary man.

  13. Jozo says:

    In USSR: help the people and build shelters for them in case of nuclear attack.
    In USA: duck and cover.

    • Jim-Bob says:

      The USA DID build a ton of fallout shelters during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. However, they stopped upgrading them and most became ruins. Most were equipped with water storage and foods that could be stored for a long time. They also got radiological monitoring instruments like the CDV-700 geiger counter, CDV 715 survey meter and dosimeter sets with chargers. The Department of Civil Defense was later rolled into FEMA which took over the role of dealing with disasters of all kinds-not just radiological ones.

      BTW, if you actually watch “Duck and Cover”, the information in it is accurate. It is NOT intended to protect you from being outside at the center of a nuclear detonation. The movie even says as much. What it is designed to do is to protect you from the glass and debris that is in the blast wave and the thermal wave that comes along with it. Those effects need only be dealt with for a short period of time. Once it passes you can then be in good enough shape to get the hell out of there. Remember that the radiation danger is not there in the blast wave, it is in the fallout. The fallout can take several hours to come down from the atmosphere and become substantial enough to kill you.

      • Hirsh says:

        I’ve got my trusty CDV-700 geiger counter, several CDV-715 “death meters” and dosimeters sitting no more then ten feet away from me right now. And if i see a bomb go off in the distance and a blast wave tearing my way i’m sure as heck going to try to duck and get some cover, whether it’s nuclear or not! Common sense. If some other fool wants to just stand there eyes wide with their mouth agape that’s their business. lol

  14. stolichnaya says:

    Scientific socialism will protect us all!

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