19 10 Facts About Vodka

10 Facts About Vodka

Read about vodka and mind that drinking alcohol in excessive quantities is bad for health.

Vodka is the purest drink in the world as it contains less fusel oils.

The patent for Moskovskaya Osobaya Vodka Bottle was acquired in 1894.

A liter of vodka weighs 953 g.

Those who think that vodka is never spoiled are wrong. It can be stored only for 12 months.

Before taking vodka has to be cooled to 8-10 degrees Celsius. If vodka is colder its true taste will be hidden that’s why vodka of low quality is served too cold.

The prototype of vodka (Aqua-vita) was brought to Russia by Italians in 1429.

During the reign of Ekaterina the Great vodka was considered as the most elite drink in the world.

Till 1885 vodka was sold only in the amount of 12.3 liters and not less.

In 1865, a renowned chemist Dmitry Mendeleev defended his doctoral dissertation ‘On Combining Water and Spirit’.

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19 Responses to “10 Facts About Vodka”

  1. geoff says:

    What is the dead mouse about. He drinks Vodka and dies ?

    • Jozo says:

      It looks like a mouse climbed onto the table and drank the vodka. It apparently drank too much LOL

      • Dickey Splurge says:

        I think that is a trap for alcoholic mice.

      • yojimbo says:

        Someone just made the mouse go to sleep and took the picture.

        They need slightly better translation to be honest a lot of people do not know that Ekaterina = Catherine they are talking about Catherine the Great of course I bet many people have never heard of her outside Russia.

        • cockatrice says:

          The minimum history we’re going to know about Russia. Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Katherine the Great, Tsar Nicolas, Lenin, Stalin. If we get any Russian history, we all know about Katherine.

    • moo says:

      Its a drunk mouse that passed out. It supposed to be funny.

  2. Groar says:

    Yes, yes…But russian vodka is made originally from potatoes. Polish vodka is made out of the grains. It gaves the character and the quality. If u want to get drunk, drink russian vodka, if u want to get drank with style, drink something really good- some kind of polish vodka. And yes, it was brought by Italians…but not to you, Russians…it was brought with Bona Sforza, the Queen…

    • Hola! says:

      Whatever. The whole world considers vodka to be Russian. And myths usually withstand true very well. Poland got better things to do, than dispute over vodka or humiliating self by trying to humiliate Russia, to which no one pays attention.

  3. Linsats says:

    “Before taking vodka has to be cooled to 8-10 degrees Celsius.” Wtf is this, why just not room temperature?

    • ka2 says:

      Vodka is not meant to be served at room temperature – it tastes plain ugly.
      There’s a saying in Poland that the worst you can get is cold women and warm vodka. I would not touch neither the first nor the second… :)

  4. Mister Dog says:

    Vodka was my drink of choice many years ago. Good times then, but if I was still drinking the same amount now as I did then, I would be dead.

  5. Ivana Benderova says:

    They found a dead mouse and took a picture of it necxt to some bottles…. Cool story bro.

  6. eugenio says:

    http://www.tovaritch.com the best vodka in the world !

  7. schtuka says:

    It can be stored only for 12 months.
    Did not know that. I still have almost full bottle of Kaufman vodka in my freezer from 2009.

  8. gr33n says:

    Poland Still Wins. :)

  9. Robert says:

    My russian friends said, if you drink vodka, you have to eat something at the same time. If not, all people think you’re an alcoholic.

    • BigB says:

      Not really. People drink vodka with some food on holyday, for example. Many people drink vodka with some juice (no mixing) and without any food, especially teenagers.

  10. mannu ,,, says:

    what will happen if we store vodka more than a year
    does is looses taste or something else ?

  11. mannu ,,, says:

    it is said that alcoholic beverages becomes more better as the are old..
    than what about vodka

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