7 Destruction Of An Ancient Cathedral In Volokolamsk

Destruction Of An Ancient Cathedral In Volokolamsk

Cathedral of Virgin Mary of Kazan 12

A unique Cathedral of Virgin Mary of Kazan is located next to Volokolamsk. The place is abandoned now and protected by the state meaning that no protection is actually available and access is free.

Cathedral of Virgin Mary of Kazan 1Cathedral of Virgin Mary of Kazan 2

The Cathedral was constructed in 1780 in front of the gates of Count Chernyshov’s estate and was intended to be both a church and a table tomb for the Count’s family.


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7 Responses to “Destruction Of An Ancient Cathedral In Volokolamsk”

  1. Hola! says:

    Where are the people protecting their heritage? I mean everyone would like to blame politics, economy or government, blogs are dripping with accusation of oligarchs and corruption, but it’s people who make things done. Russians will be reborn and rise to their finest state of prosperity, cultural awakening, economical strength and technological and scientific renaissance ONLY if they protect their heritage! this should be a nationwide idea and strong movement. No revolutions and destruction, evolution and creating instead! get a will to survive.

  2. Lusker 41 says:

    Was there last year look like some one cleaned the floors :0)

  3. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Sad! The indifference of the population is unbelievable!

  4. Mariel says:

    It’s a pitty, sad …..

  5. Hirsh says:

    Looks like all that’s left to do is salvage some architectural details and demolish the place.

  6. Hirsh says:

    Constructed in 1780, but when was it finally abandoned to vandals and nature? How many years of neglect is this the culmination of?

  7. Tripper says:

    maybe something wicked is buried and waiting for that special time to come out….hehehehe

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