11 At the Exhibition Interpolitex 2011

At the Exhibition Interpolitex 2011

Posted on October 28, 2011 by

Since October, 25th till October, 28th, 2011 in an exhibition center in Moscow, the 15th international exhibition of weapons INTERPOLITEX-2011 took place. Among its organizers are: Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Service for Military – Technical Cooperation.

This exhibition is a unique project, demonstrating all kinds of protection devices for a person, society or state.

The exhibition is of Federal importance. Its main aim is to provide producers, suppliers and buyers with modern devices and weapons for monitoring the market, making good bargains and marketing purposes.


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11 Responses to “At the Exhibition Interpolitex 2011”

  1. kosherbacon says:

    Oh wow, an OTs-38 revolver. I like how the laser mount makes it look like it has twin barrels.

  2. SMERSH says:

    I want to play!

  3. geoff says:

    Rifle in first picture is $4,450. Wow lot of money.

    • George Johnson says:

      Not really, a Barrett .50 can go for more than twice that.

      • yojimbo says:

        That is nothing a hand made military M24/M40 with all the optics costs the DOD about $8,000 a pop so an equally equipped .50 cal or .338 will go for around 12,000. You can buy the civilian Barrett for about $6,000 from a reasonable dealer the reason they go for so much is demand it is a “cool” gun many people buy one because they can though they may have no experience with heavy rifles.I find honestly that about half of american gun owners are a bunch of yahoos who know little about marksmanship I have seen people who barely know how their guns function.

        I notice two Israeli guns one a modified Galil a ripoff of the Finnish Valmet which is in turn a modified AKM and the Negev which is one of the crappiest Squad automatic weapons designed.

        • ayaa says:

          Sad. Russian rifles have this reputation for being cheap, reliable and robust. The nominal price of an Ak-74 was ~500 USD. My personal assault rifle, the An-94, cost four times as much.
          But, the MoD reckons that the cost can be halved if the suppliers and manufacturers could just put profit at the back of their mind.

  4. A.Oscar says:

    Nice of what I seeing: special the boats and vehicles carriers, about guns I wasn’t to impressed, because a sophisticated weapons like guns or rifles, only sent a way bullets and one to kill somebody in wars, not any more like used to be. Certain operations, but for a war like Afghanistan, guns no good. Americans are stupid: seeing Soviets there, and thought they should be better. USA was in so many wars: in the world, and Presidents thinker always be the best in the world, by looking to the weapons they have had. Vietnam with a more than 500.000 troops, using the most sophisticated airplanes, drop thousands of bombs, and final from Saigon just run to the ships, and Korea too, final Iraq and Afghanistan. A.Oscar

  5. stolichnaya says:

    The Russians don’t need weapons to kill each other. Vodka, corruption, and violence are already doing the job.

  6. Fíla says:

    I want this police Ural!!! :-)

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