8 What Does It Mean To Live In A Small Village?

What Does It Mean To Live In A Small Village?

Inhabitants of small places have joys and sorrows of their own. They face difficulties just like people from the big cities.

A small village Koyanbay inhabited by 300 people is located 200 km Semey city in Kazakhstan. 


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8 Responses to “What Does It Mean To Live In A Small Village?”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Oh yes, life in the slow lane.

  2. Mr. Fox says:

    Why all students didn’t attend at school?

  3. Hola! says:

    So, this is an asian former Soviet republic, which is now independent? It adapted the cyrillic alphabet, correct? What language is being spoken there? Russian or local?

    • parabellum says:

      This Kazakhstan, the second largest after Russia, former republics of the USSR. All texts and teaching in schools in Kazakh (and I consider that a mistake of the Kazakhs, most of the good local professionals (doctors, teachers, engineers, etc.), Russian and Kazakh language do not speak. 70 million of the country lost 4 million Russian big trouble

    • penneraufbank says:

      official language is russian till 2013, i heard they wanna change it to their native language

  4. Alice says:

    This is interesting. What great pictures!

  5. Laura says:

    I love pictures of people like this, it’s very interesting and emotive

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