41 One Day Of A Special Boy

One Day Of A Special Boy

Posted on October 26, 2011 by team

Janali, Janik, Kara-batyr… an ordinary 5-year old boy from Almaty. Everyone likes him. One girl even wants “to eat him like chocolate”. Butthe truth is he’s just a boy like everyone else. Go through another day of Janik’s life.

Meet Janali.

But everyone calls him Janik.

He’s 5 years old. He attends kindergarden.

However he is still got dressed with the help of his mum or granny.

Every day Janik takes “a toy of a day” with him.

Sometimes the decision is too difficult.

Ajeka – Janik’s lovely great granny. Janik is her 11th great grandson and of course the favourite one.

Every day the boy goes to the wide world.

But Janik is not afraid of it.

His mother is worrying about him. “Our life is often unfair,” she says.

But Janik is fine. He has friends and the adults pamper him.

He’s growing a smart and kind person.

Children respect him. Educators say that Janik has leadership skills but he isn’t aggressive at all.

“Children pay no attention to social, ethnic, racial and even language differences,” says Janik’s educator. So everyone was surprised when a new girl from China who didn’t speak Russian and other children from the kindergarden related very well to each other.

The same thing happend with Janik although he’s got different color.

You wouldn’t find a racist or a nationalist at any kindergarden throughout the world. Maybe we should take it into account and listen to children.

3 times a week Janik has taekwondo training.

Beside physical skills taekwondo imroves character – honesty, nobleness and magnanimity.

Coach is authority and a fine example of a man for Janik.

There is severe discipline at the training although the couch isn’t very strict.

Danik has “white belt”. Its principle is respect and attention.

This weekend Janik will try to get “yellow belt” (honesty).

At the training he is among men while at home – among women. And it’s of great importance.

That’s why many single mothers send their boys to taekwondo classes.

Sometimes in public places people just stare at Janik because of his color. But it’s ok.

It doesn’t matter. Everyone likes Janik.

One day he told that a girl from kindergarden called him ” a chocolate ” and said that she would eat him..

His mother never felt sorry for Janik’s birth.

Janik’s mum parted with his father but she believes that one day they will meet each other.

Janik has many many questions.

Of course sometimes there are scandals… because of the toys so far.

But the compromise is always reached.

It’s a yardman. He calls Janik Kara-batyr that means a man of courage. One day he gave him a can of milk and said that Kara-batyr should drink a lot of milk.

Special milk for Kara-batyr.

Janik spends a lot of time with his great granny. She’s a wise and cheerful  person

Great granny helps to grow-up Janik. She’s the only near and dear exept his mum.

No matter who Janik will become he will always be supported by the family.

Have a nice sleep… a little batyr!

Location: Almaty

via voxpopuli

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41 Responses to “One Day Of A Special Boy”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    “You wouldn’t find a racist OR NATIONALIST…” Yeah, man!! :-)

    • yojimbo says:

      The reason young children are never usually racist or prejudice is mainly because they are not old enough to learn such things from their parents.

      Most people learn such things from their parents at this age they are too young to pick up on such thoughts and ideas.Myself for example my mother never made prejudice or racist statements but my father sometimes did/does and I just happened to follow my mothers example and not my fathers.I f however both parents are racist then the children are very likely to learn this behavior.Everything in life is learned from the example of others one way or another.

  2. Ivanna (Gr) says:

    what a sweet boy,so beautiful ! :)

  3. BlowME says:

    Russia used to be a part of the multiethnic and multicultural union and people there are tolerant to racial difference, so I don’t really see what is so special about this story…

    • YJ says:

      With creation of the Slavic Union and other white supremacist group of the sort and Russian involvement in the conflict region of the Caucasus, those things has really impacted Russian perspective on people from Southern Russia. The sad thing is currently Russia is going in the opposite direction of their multiethnic and multicultural tradition.

      • absemeta says:

        by the way, this story is not from Russian but from Kazakhstan…please do not mix those two different and big countries….

    • The Droidd says:

      Well yeah, it used. Today is different.

  4. Matlok says:

    Good luck in life Janik!!

  5. Mr. Fox says:

    Cute life. Maybe he become a leader in future.

  6. Mr. P says:

    looks like Leroy sowed his oats in Kazakhstan.

  7. burak_ck says:

    “”He calls Janik Kara-batyr that means a man of courage”” kara-batyr= child bathed in snow,so cold gives him/her strenght and endurance

  8. Wayne says:

    he’s special because he’s the only mixed race child in Russia?!?

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    He looks like my brother Bill.

  10. ror says:

    Booring…showing us some kid. There are milions of them around the world. What is so special about him?

  11. Bogdanov says:

    Looks like the imperialist Americans have made their presence known.

  12. Bud says:

    “One day he gave him a can of milk and said that Kara-batyr should drink a lot of milk.”

    Yeah, so he can become white.

  13. EngrishBob says:

    Is this boy ill or something? It said nothing about why he’s special.

    • geoff says:

      EngrishBob, it seams they think he is special because he is not a white boy.

      • yojimbo says:

        No it is because he is mixed Asian and black in a place where most people are Asian not white.

        • Hirsh says:

          Exactly. In Tsarist Russia the “Bourgeois class” had no need to import African slaves. They had they’re own peasant surfs to do the hard work for them. After the Revolution most immigration was from within the Communist block. After the fall of Communism Russia hasn’t seen a lot immigration due to the economic situation. So even today the African population of Russia is a fraction of one percent, or something like that. Russia IS multi-ethnic. Traditionally African just isn’t one of those ethnicities. That’s all.

        • geoff says:

          Thanks Jimbo, I found it confusing. But that makes sense.

  14. Igor says:

    How surprising that the black father is nowhere to be seen.

    • Hirsh says:

      Probably American in that case. African-American culture is rather disturbingly in a bad rut compared to other African descendants around the world. Sad but true. And no i don’t know how to fix it. They need to figure that one out themselves.

  15. John Arley Burns says:

    He can be Prime Minister someday.

  16. _PAPO_ says:

    Ignorant question; how bad is racism in Russia? On a trip to Russia and Ukraine I was treated extremely well, even before they found out I’m American (American-Mexican to be exact). In St.Petersburg I saw a lot of what we in the states would call “Asian”. I saw very few black people. The reason I was there was because a cousin of mine was getting married to a Russian from Nigerian descent and met online. Is this a small town or something. That baby wouldn’t be considered dark in the States, just not white.

    • Harry Ballsonya says:

      Asians in Russia! I don’t believe it!

      Note the sarcasm… I guess you Mexican Americans aren’t familiar with this thing known as a map that shows Russia in (wait for it… wait for it…) the Asian continent.

      Nigerians are scammers, they go to Russia to scam Westerners into giving them money (often on the subway) with fake sob stories of getting stuck in Russia.

  17. Hirsh says:

    Westerners don’t comprehend what is so special about him. He looks to be of African mixed race. Africans are something like a fraction of a percent of the population in Russia. they never imported African slaves, after all they were a peasant state of slaves themselves! After the revolution immigration to the Soviet Union was next to non existent from outside the East, and Russia hasn’t exactly been an immigration mecca since the fall of Communism. So for a lot of Russians it still very unusual to meet someone of African decent face to face. Heck, Russian cops even thought it was a great April fools joke to dress a black man up as a policemen and have him pull over confused motorist, although i think they were as much shocked he appeared to be an honest cop rather then that he was black. lol

  18. Hirsh says:

    I’m glad i read this post. After a bit of googling i learned something new. Alexander Pushkin, the great Russian writer and poet, actually had a black great grandfather! He was a french educated black page raised by Peter the Great. I knew he had European ancestry from various nations, but no idea about the African connection to his family tree. I wonder how this mixed couple was received in Tsarist Russia? Was the relationship accepted as normal among the Russian Bourgeois? Or was it a darker situation then that for them?

  19. Harry Ballsonya says:

    Africans have different genetics because their ancestors evolved in Africa and Kazakh evolved in Central Asia. It’s not a skin tone difference, it’s racist to believe that the only difference between him and others is the skin tone.

    Kazakhstan appears to be doing quite well, the apartment, mall and school shown seem to be much nicer than many of those shown in Russia.

  20. scud-werfer says:

    awwwwwwwwwww thats so cute! This boy just needs some toy-cars, some figures, and friends and a lovely little home to be happy…..OUR KIDS WANT XBOX360s, WII, or the stupid toys, …..you know: play-with-it-1-time-and-they-are-boring-stuff

  21. Truthteller says:

    we have special people like that in our country.

    They´re special for commiting mot/st of the crimes,

  22. baurjan says:

    He should be raised in Baltimore

  23. kapitalist swine says:

    Truthteller, really? Is that so? I didn’t realize that most stockbrokers and bankers were of African descent.

    I learned something new today. Thank you.

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