28 Try Out Some Tatar Food

Try Out Some Tatar Food

Today you’ll know how to make Tatar pies. Have a nice meal!

What you need is the following: 600 ml milk, 150 ml water, 2 eggs, 2 tsp salt, 6,5 glasses flour, w tsp sugar, 1 pack yeast,100 g butter and 2 tbs sunflower oil. Pu all the ingredients into a bakery appliance and wait for 1 hour and a half.

Meanwhile, mix beef with some pork and add an egg, some onion and a bit of milk. And don’t forget about the pepper.

Let’s make some pies now.


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28 Responses to “Try Out Some Tatar Food”

  1. Maraudon says:

    thnak you, now I’m hungry…

  2. Mr. Fox says:

    Easy to make, huh?

  3. BlowME says:

    Looks delicious, should try to make those meat doughnuts sometime…

  4. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    That looks sooooooo good!

  5. Ostyak-Vogul says:

    ewww too much fat… oil, oil and more oil… not healthy.

  6. yojimbo says:

    The meat pies look pretty good the Azu hard to say it looks like it might be a bit greasy if it is not overly greasy then it would be pretty good as well.
    You guys should do an article on how to make borscht sometime.My wife makes it and I had never had borscht before meeting her it is not high on the list of foods for most Americans but it should be.

  7. SMERSH says:

    What’s Taters, precious? What’s Taters, eh? Nasty Hobbitses….

  8. jock says:

    what the hell is species

  9. anon150 says:


    What does one drink with these delights?

    I would LOVE a non-sweet,hearty meat-bagel for breakfast with coffee or strong tea, but the AZU?

    Is it a stew? Wine? Beer? Vodka?

    Crusty bread and a bit of butter and cheese?

    Got to know!!

  10. BitemeIamtoxic says:

    Like Jock asked, what the smell is species?

    Is that the Rooskie version of long pork?

  11. Türker says:

    “mix beef with some pork” ???

    there is no pork in the original recipe (since tatars are muslim). at least you should have noted that.

  12. Viktor says:

    Russian history is reflected in her food.
    I want some of those byalashi!

  13. NeuroManson says:

    Okay, I was about to ask a bunch of stupid questions, but instead I looked up Azu on Google. It is as follows:

    Remove pellicles and sinews, cut meat into bars.

    Saute tomato paste, using part of oil.

    Salt and pepper the meat, fry, coat with bouillon or water, add fried tomato paste, and stew lidded at low heat until no longer pink.

    Fry flour, cool and dilute with part of the cooled bouillon where the meat was stewed in.

    Cut onions into half-rings and saute in part of oil.

    Cut potatoes into bars and fry until crusty.

    Peel cucumbers and cut into stripes.

    Add cucumbers, fried onions and bouillon, thicken up with flour, to the meat, stew for 10 minutes, add fried potatoes, peppercorn, bay leaf, and stew for another 20 minutes.

    Add sliced tomatoes and ground garlic 5 minutes before is ready.

    Serve the azu along with vegetables and sauce sprinkled with chopped greens.

    (for the health freaks, it looks like it’s actually boiled like a stew, not fried, though the roux and veggies/beef *are* fried, not unlike American beef stew)

  14. NeuroManson says:

    Oops, and the ingredients list, sorry:

    2 lb (1 kg) beef (leg)
    5 tbsp melted butter or vegetable oil
    1/2 cup tomato puree
    3 onions
    4 tsp wheat flour
    3 tomatoeses
    2/3 lb (300 g) pickled cucumbers
    8 potatoes
    3-4 cloves garlic
    ground black ground pepper
    bay leaf
    parsley and dill greens

  15. NeuroManson says:

    Actually, the fat volume compared to the food volume isn’t that high, and in cold environments, you really need that little extra fat. If you’re living in a sedentary lifestyle or in a mild environment, you should make substitutes, use lean beef, use healthy oils like olive or canola, that should keep it healthy enough for you.

    • ZeroDrop says:

      No. Do not use olive oil to fry that. Olive Oil is very healthy, with no cholesterol – considering you don’t heat it. If you heat olive oil, it changes and turns much worse than regular oil, very unhealthy, but tastes good. Olive Oil is to be used only cold, in salads.

  16. NeuroManson says:

    Besides, always kind of ironic to see westerners, Americans (don’t complain, I’m an American, we invented the damned corn dog) and Brits complaining, when about 2/3 of their fast food and almost 1/4 of home cooked food is either boiled or deep fried. Food for thought, literally.

  17. Hirsh says:

    Nothing ironic about it. The minority are often the most vocal about their dislikes, and truly health conscious Americans are definitely in the minority.

  18. Somegirl says:

    Another name for the tatar pies are belishi.

  19. George says:

    mmm they look very delicious

  20. eric says:

    Yes, they are called belishi (or belishay). And yes, I call them meat doughnuts. And yes, most definitely, they are delicious.

    And, the coffee cup with the doughnut is by Villeroy & Boch – New Wave is the style. Nice stuff.

  21. Max says:

    This is extremely common Russian bakery dish named
    beliashi. And two meats – pork and beef, onions,,salt,pepper, sourdough.

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