11 Tea Production In Abkhazia

Tea Production In Abkhazia

Not many people know that Abkhazia can boast of wide tea fields located far from the main roads visited by tourists.

The factory building requires repairing but money obtained are not enough to pay for it. The factory is a property of the state according to which growing of tea must not be cultivated as it is not a competitive culture.

In Soviet times tea production in Abkhazia was the trend of priority and returned a profit. Tea-producing factories often exceeded the target and made salaries of all people engaged in the work much higher as compared to other inhabitants of the country.


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11 Responses to “Tea Production In Abkhazia”

  1. Alexander says:

    I bought some tea when i was in Abkhazia this summer, tastes good :)
    Really nice region to visit btw.

  2. joe says:

    Really nice job on the way this was presented. Enjoyed the videos in between.
    Thank you.

  3. geoff says:

    Thank you ER I really like your site, I find it very interesting. Sometimes you create many questions for me.

  4. YJ says:

    Imagine if all those are marihuana.

  5. Mr. Fox says:

    I like 香 of tea.

  6. (r)evolutionist says:

    Great post, ER!! I really like seeing a functioning factory (altho it said it was only part-time) instead of non-functioning ones. There’s got to be demand; I guess not enough profits for the “landlords.” :-(

  7. JP says:

    I loved the crazy aliens

  8. alcanal says:

    Love my tea.

  9. OLUT says:

    I love tea! I like to mix one part black tea with two parts herbal blueberry tea. Nom!

    What would tea used as fuel smell like when burning? It seems it would be really nice, like when you use certain woods to smoke various meats.

  10. Mike Patton says:

    Rustic tea! Looks tasty but well I guess they aren’t making too much profit like in Sri Lanka or India because that factory is ancient!

  11. hezekiah says:

    Someone local needs to step up and revitalize the factory. It is an embarrassment.

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