34 News From Russian Roads, Part 43

News From Russian Roads, Part 43

Do you think that crosswalks are installed for the needs of safety? Well, authorities don’t always take care of pedestrians’ comfort.

Look where the zebra crossing is located in the picture.

Meanwhile, most vulnerable road users are trying to cross the way.

Can you guarantee that they reach the pavement safely?

Moscow is a wonderful city with rich history and many people will always love it in spite of strange innovations that are being brought to life recently. Have a look at the new parking lots and bikeways.


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34 Responses to “News From Russian Roads, Part 43”

  1. YJ says:

    Russia you scary.

  2. geoff says:

    I think the zebra crossing is being fixed up by workmen and not yet finished.

    But get that Local governor out of his helicopter and into a car along that road. And why would those men paint the car parking spaces so close together.

    • Don says:

      This job was done by tadzhik workers,which never did it before. After that some known blogger made report and officials scared,so they made these tadzhiks do again work there,but now to clear it from paint.

    • JP says:

      Looks like what I would do if I was really drunk

  3. Y5K says:

    The muddy roads surely look terrible and they should be improved but I doubt whether the life of the villagers is also as bad as what the roads look like. At least those rough road could mean that people living there are far from being “too much” sophisticated like some people living in a highly civilisized big city are. Of coures I’m not sure, but I guess their mental lives are simple and easy because their physical conditions are so hard.

  4. geoff says:

    That cartoon face thing…….I usually close any internet page with it on as soon I see it. It is a silly thing taken way too far.

    ER is “special” so I did not Close the page.

  5. Daniel says:

    This is what over seventy years of Communism has achieved!

  6. Hirsh says:

    Cool i’ve never seen the entire path of bike lane painted a different color like that. but i don’t think it will age well with all the traffic and weather wearing it down.

  7. Zonda says:

    … depressing life in those muddy regions!

  8. Barbar says:

    Roads is a significant part of strategic defense system of Russia.

  9. (r)evolutionist says:

    The road dept. guys surely failed geometry. It’s got to be tough with the brutal continental climate to maintain paved roads; you’ve got to give them a pass there.

    • j pigden says:

      The climate isn’t new, it’s always been there. The roads were poorly designed and built. The designers should have allowed for the climate when the road was built. Without good design and construction, ongoing maintenance is impossible.

  10. yojimbo says:

    The top few pictures to me it looks like a new intersection because the traffic lights still have plastic on them.More than likely one of the contractors working on the road or the lights or the one painting messed up the job or had incorrect instructions or measurements but did the work anyway and that caused everything else to be off.

    I am thinking that the paint contractor did it wrong and knew they where doing it wrong but did it anyway then they will charge the government twice the money.It happens all over the world this kind of poor workmanship.

    A road near me got new blacktop this road is about 6 miles long before it had lots of passing zones with the dashed lines.After they re topped the road the damn raod gets the no passing double yellow line.Then a month or so later it had the passing lines again some jerk painting contractor did that on purpose.

  11. former_russian says:

    russia is a huge Animal Farm.

  12. D.Souto says:

    The Zebra crossing being displaced is actually a safety feature.

    In the rest of the world they have the zebra crossing on top of the actual crossing but most motorist, doesn’t stop before the zebra, actually they stop on the Zebra. By moving the Zebra a few meters before the actual crossing the are adding safety to the pedestrian

  13. rain says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good

  14. Dutch Nr.3.332 says:

    Holy Tea Aliens did it!

  15. OLUT says:

    I would laugh at the comical misses of the traffic designers, but it’s not funny when people suffer as a result.

    There was recently a news story from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where a bus stop was about half a mile from the crosswalk. A mother and her children got off the bus, but because she had their groceries and the kids were small, she didn’t want to walk a mile to cross the street. Well, a drink-driver came along and hit one of the children, killing the child.

    He got a few months in jail, but then they pressed charges against the mother! They wanted to give her a few YEARS in jail! Yes, she should use the crosswalk, but when a crosswalk is ill-designed, that’s not cool.

  16. Ulrike Meinhof says:

    I can see the face of those who thumbing down comments here hoowering ower the fields in the very first picture.

  17. alessio215 says:

    a russian would do a gesture with his shoulders and then say:

    E Normalo! >> like we are used to it, it’s all day life

    I know there were no road marks on russian and ukrainan roads. Just very wide conkrete roads.
    Strong ennough to withstand cingular armored vehicles sutch as tanks etc..
    Wide ennough to be driven easily by exeptional transport sutch as mobile rocket platforms

    I think they were a large network of real Tank and armored vehicle roads in case of defence against
    NATO invasion.
    but now all is sadly in decay outthere
    ah yes a tip to the road painters: pls learn from
    the west: we have 50 years more experience

  18. BostonBloke says:

    There certainly are some examples of poor planning here, both in parking lot and cross walk design. But I still have to admit that the United States is the least pedestrian friendly place I’ve encountered (and I live here!). Pedestrians are an after thought. We have expensive malls and office parks, but they lie in a sea of parking lots: they are made to be approached by car. Most places even lack sidewalks.

  19. Marfa says:

    Sad but true…

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