20 What Does It Mean To Live Like A President?

What Does It Mean To Live Like A President?

Last time we got a chance to visit the house of the President of Tajikistan. Let’s see what the residence of the Ukrainian President looks like today.

The grand estate occupies an area of 136 hectares and embraces several building complexes. Apart from the closed residence intended for the sole use of Mr. President, the territory has several glamourous houses for guests, a few swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling alleys and a real Russian bath.

It is a golf club. The field will be intended for playing gold and will contain an auxiliary building and a club.

Three paddling pools with fountains and an island are located on the territory.

This administrative complex is intended for house-parties. It consists of 5 floors 3 of which are wooden whereas the rest 2 are made of stone. For the first time the place was mentioned by Mr. President in his conversation with representatives of German authorities as the house was built by a German company that had won the tender for its construction and, according to local press, used very expensive component parts.

According to Kyiv Post, the hall is decorated with a chrystal candelabrum the weight and cost of which accounted for 8 kg and 45 000 US dollars, respectively. Similar glamorous illumination can be found only in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow and in the Kremlin. The cost of the lavatory furnishing constituted 350 000 Euros. An engolden shower mixer with large Swarovski crystals set them back 2000-4000 Euros, wood for stairs furnishing – 200 000 US dollars, columns for the entrance hall – 325 000 US dollars and other wooden details for a ceiling – 62 000 US dollars.

How do you like the grotto and the waterfall?

Water filters.

Bath and health complex.

Sports club.


President often invites journalists to the place. The territory was rented first and bought out later in 2008. He refused to name the sum that was spent but complained that he had to sell almost all items of immovable property that belonged to him and was located in Donetsk and Kiev.


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20 Responses to “What Does It Mean To Live Like A President?”

  1. Pedro says:

    tax payers must be very happy

    • yojimbo says:

      It does not imply who paid for this but it seems evident that is was not paid for by taxes not every country is like the US where the leaders home is paid for by tax dollars he paid for it it says that he had to sell most of his own assets to buy it.

      I am sure that certain things related to security are paid for and that makes sense.

  2. DouglasU says:

    Sorry but the whole place looks fake and unlovely. There is no unifying theme to the various buildings. They give me a stomach ache.

  3. Hirsh says:

    What do they say about absolute power again? Must be nice…

  4. Hirsh says:

    Is this an official residence of the President of Ukraine, or the private home of the current President?

  5. Shooter says:

    I find the residence sorely lacking in the race track department.

  6. alcanal says:

    Beautiful place.

  7. Palko says:

    It’s seems hating the rich and successful is a on going trend. Get a life people!

    • Hirsh says:

      I have nothing against anyone who makes their fortune with integrity and honesty. Unfortunately it seems that only applies to a few in this world. Morality is sorely lacking in humanity.

  8. marxistworker says:

    Tsarist opulence.

  9. FiL says:

    Beats my 2 bed room apartment

  10. petrohof says:

    it’s good to be king

  11. Archy Bunka says:

    I know nothing about this man, except that he is a politician. If he earned his money, good for him. If he stole his money… it’s up to his people to decide.

  12. CZenda says:

    Where is the post about Femen protesting against custom union of Ukraine and Russia?

  13. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    And his “food taster” has a pretty good life, too…

    • Hirsh says:

      Well considering the whole President Yushchenko dioxin poisoning attempt on his life, it might not be such a great job? Being President of Ukraine has it’s shortcomings. Like powerful people wanting you dead.

  14. Poupou-en-guyane says:

    Waow ! Being a président of a democraty isn’t supposed to be just a job the people let you do ?
    Why does he need all this wealth ? petrohof is right : “it’s good to be the king”. Ridiculously “nouveau riche”.

  15. Chac Mool says:

    And some people wonder why the Ukrainian FEMEN girls have to protest nearly naked “against everything”…

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