21 Serving On The Home Front Is Not Easier Than At The Front

Serving On The Home Front Is Not Easier Than At The Front

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High-powered work is a bulwark of the defence power of the USSR. 1941.

With these posters and slogans, they would raise the spirits of the civilian Soviet people during World War II, calling to hard work and complete dedication in the fight against the common enemy.

Increase the fighting strength of the USSR! 1941.

Drivers! Deliver cargoes to the front quickly and with no breakdowns and accidents! 1941.

More metal, more weapons! 1941.

Worker, produce more shells to bring the victory day closer! 1944.

Good harvesting is a good attack against the enemy! 1941.

Defective goods are the enemy. Do not produce defective goods! 1941.

The country needs electricity. Those who waste it, are double wasters! 1941.

Which one of you can help the front most? 1942.

Provide the front with weapons and ammunition to help defeat the enemy! 1942.

The army and the civilian people united, are unconquerable! 1941.

Help the front with money! Provide it with weapons, ammunition and planes! 1941.

How have you hepled the front? Have you handed warm clothes in for the Red Army? 1941.

Collect scrap metal! Look around to check if there is scrap metal anywhere: at home, in the street, at a factory nearby, or a collective farm. Melting it to produce shells, we will bring the victory day closer! 1941.

Garrulity is a waste of time. When you are at work, do not get distracted! 1941.

Comrade! Make sure you has done everything to help the Red Army! Collect and bring warm clothes to help the soldiers defeat the enemy! 1942.

Comrade! Remember that a warm-dressed soldier will strike the enemy more violently. 1942.

Save coal to help the front! 1942.

All powers of the home front shall be sent to help the front! 1943.

I have contributed to this report about the achievements of our army! 1943.

Drivers and tankmen! Do not waste fuel! Remember that each Soviet tank needs 300 kilograms of petrol a day to fight against German agressors. 1942.

Working on the home front is as important as serving on the front! Each ton of wheat, coal, oil or steel is an attack against the enemy. 1942.

Go through each home and yard to find scrap metal! 1942.

Pioneers and schoolchildren, do harvesting! Compete with each other who can do it best! 1942.

If civilian people and the army work together, the coming year will bring the victory to the Soviet people! 1943.

Helping the front, you bring the victory day closer! Farmers,  contribute to the tank and plane construction! 1943.

Help the beginners adopt your working experience! 1943.

The soldiers thank all the leading farms for their help! 1944.

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21 Responses to “Serving On The Home Front Is Not Easier Than At The Front”

  1. ayaa says:

    The 5th pic shows Hitler as a rat!

  2. geoff says:

    To not waste fuel or coal, to collect scrap metal and to do a good quality job are all still good ideas.

  3. elnorber says:

    And the americans keep selling the story that the wwII was won by them. Sadly, most of the world believe that

  4. Mr. Fox says:

    Working industriously is important.

  5. Hirsh says:

    Just as you Russians keep trying to sell the story that Russia defeated Germany. As an American i was always raised to believe the Allies won the war, together. Despite our differences the Soviets were a team player in the effort to demolish Hitler. You know, the ol’ proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, at least until your common enemy is defeated. :)

    • Hirsh says:

      OK down rank me, my mistake. Without Russia we would all be living under Nazi rule. All hail Russia the Great! The allies didn’t win WWII, Russia did! lol

      • ayaa says:

        Ok. Lets see. You said that you were raised to believe that the allies won the war together. That implies that Soviet Russia was an “Ally” and a team player. But now, the USSR is separate, and the “allies” are separate. litsemer.

        And think. Without the USSR, Nazi germany would probably still be standing. But without the western allies, the USSR would probably have won the war in 1947.

        • Hirsh says:

          What could have been doesn’t matter so much as what actual happened. And what happened is the war ended in 1945 with the West and East working in concert to destroy Hitler. That’s a good thing. Too bad we couldn’t reconcile our differences after putting the pinch on Germany and crushing them. I’m not sure what you mean by “without the USSR” though? As if Russia had any choice in going to war with Germany. More so if Russia had been defeated by Germany then yeah we would probably all be German now, it would have been much more difficult for the remaining allies to survive. But what is the point of second guessing history? We already know what happened. We all kicked ass and won. :)

          • ayaa says:

            Aaah. The way you said it, it was like you were saying that Russia was a non-entity during the war.

            I’m not saying that Russia won the war all by itself, just that Russia played the biggest role in the Allies victory.

    • kater says:

      the russkies still think the war started in 1941 – well, what do we expect from a nation that never misses a chance to falsify history?
      good thing we still have independent and true historical sources, not russian propaganda

      • ayaa says:

        And I suppose most Americans beleive that the war started in 1939. No. To you, the war started in Dec 1941. As to your independent and true historical sources. Let me guess, wikpedia, or documentaries on discovery or history channel. Blinded by your own propaganda. mudak.

  6. marxistworker says:

    Workers make the future! Governments make war! (Down with governments)

  7. burak_ck says:

    “each Soviet tank needs 300 kilograms of petrol a day” wow

  8. stolichnaya says:

    I like the second-last one: “Help Justin Bieber adopt your working experience!”

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