27 Places That Are Slowly Being Forgotten

Places That Are Slowly Being Forgotten

Some places that used to be mighty once lose their importance with time. ZIL factory in Moscow is a bright example of it.

Factory named after Likhachev, more commonly called as ZIL, is a major Russian truck and heavy equipment manufacturer, which also produced armored cars for most Soviet leaders, as well as buses, and armored fighting vehicles. Getting an access to the territory is not that difficult, just wait for the guards to be busy with something.

ZIL Complex includes some other 9 factories located in Moscow and other cities of the country. It produces trucks and light cars, refrigerators, engines, special equipment,etc. The factory was founded in 1916. The factory pictures of which are provided below occupies the area of 275 hectares.


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27 Responses to “Places That Are Slowly Being Forgotten”

  1. geoff says:

    It says they will put a hadron nanocollider at the site. I think scientists have found nothing new with them, the particle they are looking for may not exist.

    That “security guard” is not.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      Yes, but on the other hand, it might exist. So, why not put people to work constructing a way to look for it?

      • geoff says:

        Yes (r)evolutionist, and it would be very exiting to find that particle. It is believed to be pure energy, and everything is made out of it. (r)evolutionist, every cell, molecule, atom, proton, electron, all made from the same stuff, Me and You too. So definitely put people to work and build it. Iam sorry my comment was negative, but that was the last news I read about a hadron collider, it made me a bit sad.

  2. YJ says:

    Another Rustssia post.

    • yojimbo says:

      Look hard enough and you will find this all over in Western Europe and the US as well.

      • Hirsh says:

        Yes, but this one is in Russia. Thus the “Rustssia” comment. Not everything is east vs. west you know? Too often comments are seen through the lens of us vs. them. Of course there are places like this in the rest of the world too. But this blog is about Russia.

    • Hola! says:

      Yes, Russia got many those places. I wonder, when deindustrialization happened to the West, how many ghost cities now we can find all over Russia, EU and US. Those places are somehow beautiful.

  3. Uncledoh says:

    demolishing, cleaning and depolluting the all will not be cheap

    • Hirsh says:

      I’m sure it will. The advantage this site has is that it’s on what is now prime Moscow real estate, unlike so many other old factories that will be left to rot for many, many years to come.

  4. George Johnson says:

    What are those signs in Russian doing in a Detroit auto plant? And what’s that Detroit auto plant doing on this site?

  5. Tim Dennison says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the collider! It seems an odd place for something like that, in the center of Moscow. Those projects are expensive enough to begin with, before the high real estate prices. They employ highly skilled and paid workers, but generate no durable goods, services, or positive revenue. A money drain

  6. Potatoe Man says:

    Get out of here stalker.

  7. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    “Praying room:” Wonder how many negative prayers were aimed at bosses? “I wish my boss would drop dead.” Come on, we’ve all done it… ;-)

  8. dlrop says:

    Get out of here STALKER

  9. marxistworker says:

    A hadron nanocollider is a perfect, scientific idea to do (which means it probably won’t be realized).

  10. SMERSH says:

    Much of Detroit and Pittsburgh USA looks just exactly like this.

  11. I agree with [George Johnson] although this place looks a little better ,but not by much, than Detroit does.I don’t know about the rest of the world but it seems the U.S. and Russia have much in common as far as having industrial ghost towns.I doubt if even Strelok would visit these places.

  12. Olga says:

    2009 this place has been like this more than 2 years, it look like it has been rotten ten years or something like that.

  13. A.Oscar says:

    After all plenty lucky in Moscow; with not going there and clean, what can find to sale. In Portugal start these way ten years ago; the Government starter closing factories to join the Euro, and was with accord between P.M of that time and the Chancellery of Germany. This way greed rats starting in government robed not just the money, and living in luxury. From the factories other robbers, the one’s that not having money going to the factories take what can find to sale, but not just that sometimes show in TV all kind of wire posts, telephone and electricity been confiscated, to make money. Even in churches: steeling bronze bells, and famous bronze statues, in small villages too. Why in Moscow don’t open the door to some Portuguese people and the politicians too, to cleaning those factories.A.Oscar

  14. Cyril C. says:

    In scrap metal only : thousands and thousands of dollars on these pics…

  15. scud-werfer says:

    haha, the last picture showed me, where the V8 engine from My 72 Camaro came from….

  16. AK862 says:

    Wow, picture number 1 looks like it could be from Call of Duty MW2 :)

  17. Need to read more from [A.Oscar].

  18. Ştefan says:

    But the Z.I.L. company still exists or it run out of business?

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