11 Modern Robinson Found In the White Sea

Modern Robinson Found In the White Sea

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The other day in the White Sea they found a modern Robinson on one of the islands, where he had spent more than two weeks. Resquers from Arkhangelsk saw a famished man on a small island from their helicopter. He turned out to be a worker of a monastery who had disappeared on October, 1st! The 25-year old man said that after his karbass had sunk during a heavy storm, he found himself on a tiny desert island. To survive, the man dug a hole to protect himself from the wind, ate seaweed and drank rain water. The man was immediately helicoptered to a hospital and his condition is stated as  normal.

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11 Responses to “Modern Robinson Found In the White Sea”

  1. geoff says:

    Where is that monastery. He works there but gets there on a karbass (boat ?)

  2. Trackball says:

    A little wrong. Rescuers searched for the two monks from the Valaam Monastery. (a monk was found dead today. Another monk looking). This man was found by accident.
    Strange that his family and friends are not informed in rescue service of a missing person.

  3. Ham are sick, Al says:

    A Bear Grylls.

  4. pytor says:

    good for him he survived and will respect this lesson for life.

  5. sauce says:

    So why is he clean shaven?

  6. dmitri says:

    I have a friend, 27 years old, who doesn’t need to shave. He just doesn’t have face hairs.

  7. Marfa says:

    actually he s not an actor. original video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7to3r3KF2K8

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