8 Typical Shelter But Unusual Stuffing

Typical Shelter But Unusual Stuffing

Posted on October 18, 2011 by team

This is a shelter. But not one of those you might have seen before. Discoverers were amazed at what they found there. It was a great surprise.


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8 Responses to “Typical Shelter But Unusual Stuffing”

  1. Mr. Fox says:

    Very clean.

    It seems like shelter-finding is good hobby in russia.

  2. Osip says:

    What is so unusual about the stuffings?? Most all shelters are located in subterranean areas of buildings in spaces used for normal purposes. Nothing unusual here at all.

    • geoff says:

      Osip I think they say it is unusual because of,

      “There is a technical archive instead of space for sheltering people”.

  3. DougW says:

    Amazing. Usually these places are stripped to the walls.

    • Hirsh says:

      This one will be too soon enough, that is unless it’s well protected and been photographed by those who work there. But if it was found by “explorers” it’s going to be toast.

  4. Hirsh says:

    Down rank me all you want. It’s the truth, in Russia and everywhere else in the world too. Happens all the time, no matter how much the good urban explorers try to protect their finds. Word gets out. But God forbid i say it out loud. Feeling might get hurt. :)

  5. el1sondo says:

    can stole stuff from there???

  6. Just says:

    In pic no. 7 there is strange green stuff growing from green wall. What is that?

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