11 Reconstruction Of the WWI Battle In Ukraine

Reconstruction Of the WWI Battle In Ukraine

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People know little about World War I, comparing with World War II, although this war also had its heroes and its dramas. The Brusilov Offensive (Lutskiy Proryv) took place in 1916 in the Ukranian city of Lutsk, where this year they tried to reconstruct that battle. The event was named ‘Echo of the Great War of 1914-1918. The Lutskiy Proryv’.

A keiser infantryman.

Each soldier was given a rifle in exchange for a passport.

Review before the battle.

The parade produced a great impression on the residents of Lutsk.

A stork was spotted nearby.

The head of the territory came up to the detachment to hear out about each sub-unit, their histories and feats of arms, ending the official part.

While the troops were preparing for the battle, the host told about the Brusilov Offensive. It was said that in 1916, General Brusilov had designed and later fulfilled an operation, which undermined the Austria-Hungary military power.

First shots could be heard fired, the attack began. A group of soldiers entered the bridge to get to the other riverbank when suddenly they saw an explosion in the water…

Millions of splashes fell down on the grass. After that there were two more explosions on the ground.  Plots of land and a cloud of sand covered the soldiers.

Shell hole.

A mortal shooting began.

Suddenly one of the Russian soldiers came forward crying, ‘Stop shooting!’ He wanted to talk to the commander of the enemy army. They agreed to have a short cessation of arms to help the wounded. Some time later the batlle continued.

The host announced the end of the reconstruction.

Local kids began to collect their trophies – cartridge cases.

The bridge had to be disassembled.

After the battle and a substantial dinner, some began setting up a camp.

The tent should be digged around correctly.

It was very cold at night that is why they had to make up a fire.

They told stories to each other…

This was the end of the first day of the event called ‘Echo of the Great War of 1914-1918. The Lutskiy Proryv’.

Location: Lutsk

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11 Responses to “Reconstruction Of the WWI Battle In Ukraine”

  1. Mr. Fox says:

    Very realistic and interesting. Temporary armistice and Endless Shelling is impressing.

    But almost german using mosin rifle is unrealistic. :)

    • Osip says:

      The German and Austrian used many captured Russian weapons. Many survive to this day with markings applied by those armies. I have a few in my own collection.

  2. geoff says:

    Do these men pay for all the uniforms, guns and things themselves.

    • Mr. Fox says:

      Reproduction uniform and gear are cheap.

      • yojimbo says:

        I do not think so there are many reenactment groups here in the US Civil War and WWII in particular and they have very strict guidelines as to what is worn and the gear used some of it is original other remade but most guys in these groups they spend a pretty penny on all the stuff judgng by how good these guys look they are very serious hobbyists and they have spent a good amount of their time and money to do this.

      • geoff says:

        Thanks Mr. Fox.

  3. Archy Bunka says:

    Russia fought valiantly in WW1. She almost won the war very quickly, Ludendorf had other ideas. Most unnecessary and tragic of wars. More British and French died in WW1 than WW2, or WW1 part 2.

  4. DouglasU says:

    Here in the US reproduction war uniforms and weapons are VERY costly. I did it for a while but too many think this is for real and they ruin it for everyone.

    • yojimbo says:

      I fully agree and you can see by the quality of the gear shown in these pics that they have put alot of time and money in.One of my friends his father makes 100% accurate WWII military uniforms and webbing he charges anywhere from $200.00~$1,000.00 for a uniform depending on what must be done to make it.And the weapons those go for a pretty good amount as well although a Mosin is not too costly a pre 1931 model is much more rare and some of these guys are using pre1931 model Mosins in other words not cheap.

  5. onyros says:


    Congrats for this work on the WW1 it’s really great !

    But someone knows where I can find pattern of russian uniform (WW1) or a shop online ?

    Again, congrats for your work.


    Ps: sorry for my English, I’m french. :)

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