19 A Top Secret Soviet Object

A Top Secret Soviet Object

We have got a chance to visit a PRO-object that used to be a sensitive military site in Soviet times.

Danube-3U is a PRO A-35M early warning station that was put into operation in 1978. That was a sensitive military site in Soviet times. Today the place is still guarded safely though it is now possible to get access to some of its parts.

It has many construction similarities with Danube-3M that was burnt to ashes and abandoned after that.

The station consists of transmission and receiving antennas that are united with a road and cable gallery.

It is not possible to enter the territory of transmission antenna due to abundance of soldiers on it.

However, the area next to the receiving antenna was under reconstruction and could be entered.

Fragments of left equipment.

Antenna surface.


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19 Responses to “A Top Secret Soviet Object”

  1. Unknown says:

    I am lost.

  2. parabellum says:

    The level of secrecy speaks good uncut grass and bushes next to the fence with barbed wire. The station does not seem abandoned but not used.

  3. digital says:


    • sabotos says:


      • Gordski says:

        but only in a phased-array kind-of-way :)
        Probably (not 100% sure) Ballistic early warning radar, flat antenna made from many small antennas linked together at exact distances, fed by cables of very specific lengths, with programmable electronic delays, combined into one large antenna electronically. This is why so many kilometers of cable (and the metal shelf-brackets to hold them in place)
        Similar in function to BMEWS PAVE PAWS operated by US and UK at about 420-435 MHz.
        c/f DON-2N system, covered by Englishrussia late 2010

  4. Scott says:

    All very good, but does it get Freesat HD channels ?

  5. Hola! says:

    I hope so :)…. Well, I don’t know if it of any use now, when the military satellite systems see much better and radiotelescopes for atmospheric radiowaves screening can be made of existing infrastructure, besides, Chile has some Russian stations to monitor any missile launches from US territory.

  6. Verto says:

    Where are all of Scientists and Engineers, who design and build these kind of “high tech of its time” surveillance systems ? ? ?may be Chinese hire them and saving his decades of R&D.the system is complex and reliable.prove ?tell me single “incursion”of US in Soviet air space,but Red Square “adventure” is exception ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Hirsh says:

      Red Square “Adventure” was more a national embarrassment. How else can you explain an inexperienced 18 yr old pilot stealing a light aircraft, penetrating Soviet air space all the way to Moscow and landing in Red Square? It gave Gorby the excuse he needed to eliminate several high ranking military officials! Even though he was tracked and interceptors followed him, he was also misidentified by local air controllers as a “friendly”.

    • Hirsh says:

      A BTW there was a time when the U.S. routinely penetrated Soviet air space at will, with impunity, until Gary Powers got shot down. How often did the Soviets successfully overfly the U.S. back then too? We know they did. Do not believe the hype that these kinds of systems are impenetrable.

  7. AnonymousCoward says:

    Why doesn’t the US have abandoned cold war military objects like Russia?

  8. Jane says:

    OMG who translates that??? PRO is missile defence!

  9. CBEH says:

    The Amerikans are smart, instead of abandoning their sensitive military sites, they restore and put ‘dummy’ missiles, bullets, radar, warheads back in and charge admission price for tourists to visit and take pictures.

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