20 Training of the 18th Motorized Infantry Battalion

Training of the 18th Motorized Infantry Battalion

Posted on October 15, 2011 by

These are some photos of the 18th motorized infantry battalion manoeuvres in Stavropol Territory. Take a look!

Brigade commander.


Smoke curtain. The military units begin to withdraw.

Dust raised by the tanks.

BTRs-82A (APC) are coming up. This picture was taken several days before.

Scouts are installing a range finder.


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20 Responses to “Training of the 18th Motorized Infantry Battalion”

  1. Mr. Fox says:

    It’s amazing, Many old soviet weapons are as powerful as these of western.

  2. geoff says:

    This is all very interesting…..it really is, but

    You know one day the world will not need all this.

  3. ayaa says:

    I’m honestly surprised that they are still using those old simulator systems. They work just fine, but it’s not that hard to upgrade the systems.

  4. ayaa says:

    “After the Russia-Georgia conflict, they armed with T-72 tanks.”
    So prior to that, they had KV’s and T-34’s is that it?

  5. j pigden says:

    Probably T62s. The pic looks like a T72BV. Interestingly, the tube mounted transversely at the rear of the turret basket is a Russian version of the Milan anti-tank rocket, the 9K111.

    • bobb says:

      Epic fail, it’s a SNORKEL, a metal tube made for diving… It bring air to the engine. River fording up to 5m. And yes before they had T-62.

  6. mimi.vx says:

    Russians in Georgia used a wide range of tanks – T-54/55, T-64, T-72, T-80 and T-90

    • bobb says:

      Utterly wrong, Russian forces used : T-62 mod.67 and mod.72, T-62M with and without up-armor package, T-72b mod.1988 (also called T72-bV) with Kontact-1 reactive protection and handful of T-72b mod.1990 (so called “T72bM”) with Kontact-5 reactive armour, used as command tanks mostly.

      During the war, they lost : 1 T-72bV during an ambush (tank recoverable), 1 T-72bM during the shelling of the peacekeeper base at Tskhinvali, the hull burnt, but the turret was later recovered and repaired, crew survived. 1 T-62 mod.72 knocked out, then repaired and back in service.

      Not a single T-80 or T-90 or T-64 (phased out in russia and only used in ukraine) was used in the war.

      Russians did not use a single T-55 (they still use some in far east regions, like sakaline island, and for training/shows), but South-ossetian “army” did use several T-55 and T-55AM.

      Georgian army only used T-72AV and T-72bV in the war, 13 of them destroyed, and several dozen captured.

  7. cro says:

    Russians are training hard… war is comming! That AT gun is cool in guided missle era, can it pierce Abrams?

    • j pigden says:

      Not frontal; engine spaces, track, or top strike.

    • bobb says:

      T-12 100mm smoothbore gun, can destroy any MBT out to 2km on the flank or rear. It can pierce weak spot of frontal armour of any MBT in 500-800m range.

      Might seem outdated, but in full scale war, AT guns are really usefull to defend secondary areas or to ambush armored/motorized columns.

  8. scud-werfer says:

    Thank you for the pictures! I like the camouflage-Painting on the T-72. Is the whole Nato always in green-brown-black-Style!

    • j pigden says:

      NATO has a whole range of camo patterns; 2 colour field, 3 colour field, 3 colour urban, 3 colour winter, desert, etc.. There seems to be a department to standardize colours and patterns for land, air & sea.

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