6 Enjoy Commercial Fishing!

Enjoy Commercial Fishing!

Do you like fishing? It is said that the process will be chargeable soon in Russia.

Even today access to some spots is available only to those who have special licenses. Pictures of fishing as paid service are presented below.

A chain of such footmarks is left on the snow.

The first fishing crop is far from being rich.

Pikes and breams are mainly found.

This fish weighs around 10 kg.

Caught fish is put in bags and is either sold at the market at once or is left in the water for some time.


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6 Responses to “Enjoy Commercial Fishing!”

  1. geoff says:

    Do they put craw fish with all the eggs back for next year.
    The government might make every body have a licence to go fishing any where. But pretty hard to police.

  2. perristalsis says:

    Used to be in Florida no fishing license was needed for residents, now we have to pony up just like the tourists, so yup, it’s coming to Russia too!

  3. Ads says:

    It is normal at least in Europe to buy a licence for the fishing. And I`dont think that its something extraordinar. And one more thing.. NEWER HOLD A FISH BY ITS EYES IN A PHOTO, ITS SIMPLY DISGUSTING. In overall this photoreport is a waste.

  4. briedis says:

    20$ here in Latvia for a fishing license per year. But it is allowed to take only 5 fishes per type at a time.

  5. sabotos says:

    Ten and a Quarter per annum in Arkansas for a private resident fishing permit. No commercial tickets are granted. Also, any navigable waterway(even by only canoe) is public property and can be fished for free by the banks or by boat.

  6. robin yates says:

    I could never icefish.much too cold for me. I love fishing in the tropics

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