12 Confirming the Main Stereotype About Russia: AlcoSummit 2011

Confirming the Main Stereotype About Russia: AlcoSummit 2011

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For the second time ‘Home-Distilled Vodka Davos’ Alcosummit brings together professional home-distilled vodka makers, fans of Russian traditions, and strong drinks and Russian cuisine gourmets. Guests of the summit taste drinks of the participants and home-distilled vodka which is made right there.

Famous artist and designer Stas Zhitsky presents his destiller which is made in the form of a picture of the Garden of Eden with a small faucet in the center.

Apart from the home-distilled vodka, the participants treat the quests to different snacks.

Home-distilled vodka and liquers to fit any taste.

This device works on grated apples and has an electric motor.

It is fun! People come here not to get drunk but to taste tasty drinks. Alcohol experts are teaching beginners how to drink fire water.

Here one can taste pepper, cornel, ashberry, currants home-distilled vodka, various pickles, lavish and diverse food, and fresh quail eggs.

The company ‘We Make Home-Distilled Vodka’ produces distillers. They also present their beer.

70% home-distilled vodka with juniper!

Anise home-distilled vodka.


The event has a very friendly atmosphere!

Copper distiller.

They say that the Alcosummit revives the drinking culture which is getting lost in Russia.

By the way, the Russian legislature does not prohibit making home-distilled vodka.

Acorn candies!


The green liquid in the bottle is a non-alcoholic firtree coctail.

It has a very unusual taste of honey and firtree.

Herbal tea.


Smoked guinea fowl.

Over ten huge geese have been eaten during the event.

The first Alcosummit took place in 2010 gathering over 100 people and showing the people’s arosing interest in home-made alcoholic drinks. That is why they decided to carry out this event each fall and Alcosummit-2011 proved them right.

Location: Moscow area

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12 responses to “Confirming the Main Stereotype About Russia: AlcoSummit 2011”

  1. EngrishBob says:

    I’m in tears here. I miss being allowed to distil as I please :,,,(

  2. Zonda says:

    First picture can be named: “Few drops also for you Lenin!”
    What mean: “They say that the Alcosummit revives the drinking culture which is getting lost in Russia.” ? Are you kidding? In which time russians lost their drinking appetite? They are ready to give up to breathe air instead of quit vodka drinking! 🙂

  3. perristalsis says:

    “By the way, the Russian legislature does not prohibit making home-distilled vodka.”…They don’t in the States either, they just make it impossible for the average guy to comply with licensing rules, and so that’s why everybody moonshines if they want to home brew spirits.

  4. schtuka says:

    i doubt that you can sell your home made vodka in russia without proper licensing and taxes.

  5. I was always told that vodka was made from potatoes.I don’t know what genuine Russian vodka is distilled from.

  6. George Bush says:

    not a goose. duck.

  7. Anatoliy Razhenkov (rotfl) says:

    genuine Russian vodka distilled from rye.

    Homebrewed vodka here called “samogon” or “samogonka”, “sam” means self, and “vi-gon-yat`” or “vi-gon-ka” means distillering process.

    Actually you can make distillering base for samogon from everything, for example in 24h you can make it from sugar, peas and yeast 🙂 but i suppose it has really hardcore taste, and anyway, if you dont want get killer-headache, you need about 5 week to finish filtering process.

    Good samogon you can make from Apples,Peaches or plum.
    My family lives in Moscow, my parents has dacha close to Sheremetyevo airport 😉 there was ten apple trees, so father makes samogon from apples. He getting apple juice, mix it up with sugar and wait for few months, checking process twice a week, then forward it to distellering cube…

    it is not so far from homebrewed brandy.

    🙂 samogon from plum called “slivovitca”. sliva on russian is a plum

    p.s. i prefer JimBeam 😉

  8. perristalsis says:

    Elephants are known to have a taste for rice beer brewed by tribal communities in India’s northeast. They go on drunken rampages and kill villagers, even themselves; 6 were killed when in a drunken state they pulled down a high voltage electric line on themselves….I submit it to you, not so very different than homo sapiens, except they don’t yet get behind the wheel of a car.

  9. If I had to drink liquor straight I always preferred vodka because it was easier to drink quickly.Vodka or bourbon.I have never found any liquor that actually tasted good.Bloody Marys if mixed right tasted the best.Thanks [Anatoliy R] for the explanation. I give [A.Oscar] an “A” for effort in trying to translate his philosophy over to the english language.The thumbs up and down feature on this site no longer work well with my computer otherwise I’d have given you two a green thumb.

  10. constantin says:

    great event! should be famous as octoberfest?

  11. Anatoliy Razhenkov (rotfl) says:

    haha 🙂 hope NO 🙂 If yes, at the end some locations around festival will be fired, plus a lots of inexplicable incidents and jammed cars appears.

  12. pizd says:

    Start with alcosummit, end with alcovommit.

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