17 Visit To An Acting Missile Pit

Visit To An Acting Missile Pit

Would you like to visit a real missile pit which is not abandoned or destructed? You’ll get such a chance today.

The 28th guided missile division is dislocated in the Kaluga region. The missile pit is included in the list of top Soviet secrets.  Control of the entire region is carried out at the control station. The acting missile pit is located nearby.

Guards are staying in a control room and are hurrying up to help other soldiers if needed and if security of the place is broken.

The soldiers jump in the car and leave as soon as they hear the signal.

This is a light armed car. Valuable data are stored in the safe available.

There is a lot of space inside. The car can sit 8 soldiers, a driver and commander. Air conditioner is available as well.

Finally the place of destination is reached. It looks like a regular park and has two houses and several semi-destructed sheds on it. The construction in the picture is an entrance to the tunnel that leads to the guard post.


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17 Responses to “Visit To An Acting Missile Pit”

  1. This website is unbelievable.I can’t believe the Russian government allows this information to be put up on a website.Perhaps the Russian government is more modernistic and tolerant than I thought.Because of this website I have gained a new respect for the country of Russia and the people of Russia.

    • ayaa says:

      Its all because of this new move towards “transparency”. Pretty good move IMO. Atleast now people can know what really goes on inside the army. All units now conduct demonstrative exercises two times a year. It is easier to get access to most bases. Organizational details are more readily available

      • geoff says:

        yaa you are always so nice to answer peoples questions and try to clear things up.

        • ayaa says:

          Thanks. I’m happy to help. Especially those that ask nicely, without having this preconception that Russia is bad, Russians are bad and that everything Russian is bad. And you are one of those few (most of the time).
          Vy khoroshy paren.

    • Verto says:

      This is not “democratic” way ! ! ! ! !it is all about “crimenal neglegence” .specially in “Russian” security enviroment ! ! ! ! ! !.technical details and top secret military installations “sight seeg tours” are just “recless” and “invitation” of Terrorism ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Re write the “security” SOPs for the good of Russia and whole world ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • geoff says:

      Yes Parker, there should be a website like this for lots more countries. I have been reading this site for about three years now and have learned a lot about life way over there.

      • yojimbo says:

        For those who do not know already the Russians already know where every US controlled missile silo is and the US knows the same info you can not hid a silo from a satellite. The one thing that can not be known for sure is which silos are in active use and which ones are not but each side has enough warheads to take out all silos in a pre-emptive strike if so desired.The thing being that your enemy will see your strike coming and launch his missiles at your strategic assets.Then one can not forget the unknown factor which is where are the enemies ballistic missile subs.

        • geoff says:

          yojimbo, you put it in clear and understandable way, that there is no point to these things at all. Its The same for all violent acts, it only provokes a violent response.

  2. Pedro says:

    the difference is that in the west you don’t known what they do with your money. in russia you can see it for yourself.

  3. Yakov says:

    What is so secret about the hinge for the pit door that it is covered? Is there some very special mechanism, or is there a vulnerability that they do not wish exposed?

  4. Uncledoh says:

    classifed, active, combat ready units and facilities are exempt from such “transparency”

  5. EngrishBob says:

    Russians really like to keep their hinges secret :)

  6. Verto says:

    “Treat your unit as a family,your commander as a father and your fellow soldiers as a brothers” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! this “statement” is a “open” call to “do” something on their own wish.in Nuclear arsnnel,this type of “official order” is very “serious” jock! ! ! ! ! ! ! !in so many Hollywood movies,always Soviet or Russian commander occupie and sell Nuclear warhead, So today Russian proved their High standerd of “safety” ! ! ! ! ! !

  7. DougW says:

    A hole is a hole is a hole. Nothing terribly secret about a hole. It’s the protection systems and that pointy thing with the nuke on it they get touchy about. :D

  8. JP says:

    The hydraulics might be secret or they just want to keep them clean

  9. Jozo says:

    and without USA, there wouldn’t have been a need for such catastrophic weapons.

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