25 Life 30 km Away From Moscow

Life 30 km Away From Moscow

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Thousands of former military men, are living in houses which are under the threat of collapse and have no heating. After the reduction of anti-aircraft forces in Moscow area, a lot of presidios became unnecesary, so did the people who lived there. Most striking is the fact that these dangerous structures are located not in a remote village beyond the Arctic circle, but just 30 kilometers away from Moscow.

Not long ago, Rychkovo presidio was full of soldiers and conscripts guarding the anti-aircraft defense system. But now this place is literally dying out. A year ago the residents of the village found out that three different management companies had been appointed responsible for public services: one for electricity, another one for water supply, and the other one for heating. As it often happens in Russia, in the result no one was responsible for anything.

The walls are falling into pieces. Someone has propped the window up with an iron pipe but how long will it stay until it collapses?

One of the management companies has prohibited the people from standing on the balconies because they might collapse any minute.

Last winter the people had no heating in their apartments. After numerous complaints, they constructed a heating main and brought some coal. However, it was done poorly and the system broke down. To warm up, the people began turning on electric heating units and the power supply broke down too. This winter the scenario is likely to repeat itself.

In the picture you can see fungi growing inside the buildings.

Ministry of Defense was to pass these villages to municipal authorities long ago and it is ready to do it right now. But it wants to pass just the buildings, not the land which is very valuable, to sell it later on. Nothing came out of this shady enterprise yet that is why Ministry of Defense is just waiting. As for the people, who cares?

Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds look very dangerous not only for children but for adults too.

Elderly people have to fire the furnace to warm up and all this is happening in the 21st century!

There are over 20 presidios like that in Moscow area.

‘Game machines’ sign.


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25 Responses to “Life 30 km Away From Moscow”

  1. rastakajakwanna says:

    Is it their property or they are rented? In the first case I cannot understand why they just can’t repair it by themself?:)

    • zipp says:

      In a word ‘salary’.

    • EngrishBob says:

      The “For sale” makes me think it is theirs. So what are they waiting for? Someone to sort out their own problems? If it’s a house it’s the owner’s responsibility if it’s a block of flats they can team up and get work done together.

  2. CZenda says:

    Ahhh, Fiat Uno… I just loved this car.

  3. Hirsh says:

    Wanting to keep the underlying property but abandoning their responsibility for the buildings and tenants on it just makes the Ministry of Defense look like wannabe slumlords trying to cash in. Well played… /sarcasm

  4. Hirsh says:

    btw, frankly it looks like a death trap. Typical poor Soviet construct quality followed by years of neglect = death trap for the remaining tenants who risk living there.

  5. Ronald says:

    Life 30 km away from Moscow, left of Moscow, Right of Moscow, inside Moscow, anywhere in Russia. Things look bad, dirty, broken and shoddy no matter where in Russia it seems.

  6. Verto says:

    “For sale” but what to sale ? ? ? ? ? ? An abandoned “property” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !who thinks to buy this “apartment” ? ? ? ? again bad jock.

  7. M_dawg says:

    There is no Ryshkovo in the Moscow Region. It’s called Rychkovo. Ryshkovo is in the Kursk Region… get it right ER…!!!

  8. petrohof says:

    sounds like the ‘govt’ still wants to own all the land. who cares about the former military, they will go away eventually. sad.

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    What a shame. Those buildings are not fit for anyone to live in.

  10. Hola! says:

    Thousands of former American employees and just poor ones, are living in houses which are under the threat of collapse and have no heating, water and electricity. After the collapse of USSR America is neglecting social aid and population development index on US area, a lot of boroughs and people became unnecesary, so did the all jobless people. Most striking is the fact that these dangerous structure are located not in a remote village beyond the Arctic circle, but just 8 miles away from Manhattan’s downtown.

    • Hirsh says:

      True but if you look at the number of Russians who live under such sad conditions there is no comparison to the US. Poverty and neglect are far more rampant and depressing in Russia. Your not going to find any poor Americans wanting to immigrate to Russia thinking they can do better for themselves over there. Poor Russians would much rather come here and try and make a go of it.

      • geoff says:

        Hirsh Does it make you feel better about your own country to see things wrong somewhere else. From what I have read there is nearly 4 million Americans that are completely homeless. Not just a home in poor condition.

        • Hirsh says:

          No it doesn’t. It’s rather depressing to see how bad things can get, where ever it is. There are plenty of Americans living in decrepit crumbling government housing too.

    • too much vodka says:

      Oh, it’s OK then for these people near Moscow to live in such conditions, because the US has people living in bad conditions as well. Only when the US will do something for it’s citizens, the Russian government will deem it necessary to do the same for Russians. I can see the logic there…

  11. mukmika says:

    Mould can be serious health hazard. Maybe a health authority could do something, I hope so.

  12. In the United States as well as a Russia I would tyhink it would be a good idea for the soldiers of the current military to build facilities for former soldiers in order to train these current soldiers in engineering.They would be take care to build them correctly because they know that someday they will be living in them.

  13. geoff says:

    “…of Defense is just waiting.As for the people, who cares ?”

    That is the attitude all over the world.

  14. Hirsh says:

    I guess i don’t get it. Was lifelong housing provided to former soldiers or what? Why are these old folks living in Ministry of Defense owned buildings and property that look like they haven’t been properly cared for since Soviet times?

  15. CZenda says:

    “three different management companies had been appointed responsible for public services: one for electricity, another one for water supply, and the other one for heating” – I do not get it, what is so unusual about it? It is quite normal. Where I live, the responsibilities of the companies providing gas, electricity etc. end at the counter. It is the owner who is responsible for the cabling, piping etc. in house.

  16. Tobbe says:

    Guy in the first photo looks like my uncle..

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