6 A Village Of Bee Keepers In Bashkiria

A Village Of Bee Keepers In Bashkiria

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Bee keepers who have been gathering wild honey for several hundred years, live in a small village in Bashkiria. This is a story about thir carefree life which will help  you relax and forget about your everyday problems.

Maksyutovo Village is situated in a remote Burzyanskiy Area. The village is famous for its bee farming. There is even a special species of bees called ‘burzyanskiy’ which is notable for its cold resistance and breeding performance. These bees are also angrier than regular ones that is why it is more difficult to work with them.

They say the village is about two hundred years but nobody knows the exact date when it was founded.  Some say many years ago an old man began bee farming here. Maybe, people from other villages would come here for honey and stay; maybe, his sons brought women to this place and married them, thus founding the village. Who knows.

These are everyday activities of the people of this village: bee keeping, fishing and lying in the sun on the roofs of their houses.

Originally the village was located on the riverbank, but five years ago is was moved to another place for fear of flooding.

That is all what is left from the old Maksyutovo, a couple of houses which were turned into hay storages.

They did not move the memorial.

The population is mostly Bashkir and most of them do not speak Russian.

One of the streets of the old village.

The remains of the houses.

This is the new Maksyutovo. It’s very lively and there is heavy traffic on the roads.


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  1. polonus says:

    seems like a nice place to live.

  2. JP says:

    Ok im going to move there as long as there is food and water. thats all you need and a place to sleep .

  3. perristalsis says:

    When I’m reincarnated, I want this place as home.

  4. historian says:

    For kids this absolute the best life.

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