43 The Country That Will Never Be Back

The Country That Will Never Be Back

Let's see some pictures of the country that remains in the past.

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The woman is cutting the sausages into pieces because it was strictly limited and nobody could get as much as he/she wanted.

Sometimes people didn't even know what they were staying in the queue for.


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43 Responses to “The Country That Will Never Be Back”

  1. too much vodka says:

    Worker’s Paradise…

  2. xmz says:

    Will see soon.

  3. ayaa says:

    The food lines are sad. What’s sadder is that no long after this, people got no food at all.

  4. GsomGsom says:

    There was no deficit. There were few shops.

    • Hirsh says:

      LOL, do you mean there were no consumer shortages for working people in the USSR? That the lines were simply the result of too few (but well stocked) shops selling the goods, thus the long lines and wait to get basic commodities? Sounds like propoganda to me!

  5. Matlok says:

    No doubt about it,things have changed since then. I just hope that Russia and the other former Soviet states can maintain their cultural identity.

  6. Tovarich Volk says:

    This should have been posted with the “Vnyshposyltorg” catalog that got posted yesterday to further show the sad contrast between the haves and the have-nots in the “Worker’s Paradise”.

  7. Verto says:

    Simple life ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! without any greed and personal loan failing ! ! ! ! ! !

  8. Max says:

    Those man who look like service men, are service men and still grow potatoes by their military bases!

  9. Hola! says:

    I am tired to look at these weird collections of the sad images of the country which has been gone long ago. It only provokes trolls to put some humiliating comments. Hey, owner of the site! WHY are you enjoying ridiculing and humiliating Russia? What is the purpose of this site?

    • Matlok says:

      Hola! I don’t think the intention is to ridicule a great nation. Many of us find these post about the recent past interesting. Moreover, we find the comments of those who lived through these times very interesting also. Sure there are trolls that post nasty things, but trolls are just turds in human form, don”t let them get to you!

    • Hirsh says:

      If Russians are humiliated by photographic documentation of how life once was in the Soviet Union, whose fault is that really? The site owners? I think not.

    • Michael of California says:

      Please trust that most of us in America do not ridicule these situations, nor USSR history, nor the Russian people. I view these photos with respect and it helps remind me how lucky we were to have generally a much easier lifestyle than these pictures demonstrate. I am thankful for what I’m learning here and believe that history must be open and honest for humankind to benefit in the future. Sorry, Hola!, that there are so many spineless and ignorant trolls that post utter B.S. (dung from bovine).

  10. Addy says:

    Those were unreal times. I remember ppl standing in line the whole day when toilet paper came to shops in the ENSV. Lucky ones actually managed to recive one. It´s always funny and nostalgic to think about those times, but I´ll never wish them back.

  11. yojimbo says:

    I read in a book that the Soviets where actually producing enough food but that they had inadequate refrigeration and storage capabilities in many places and this caused alot of perfectly good food stuffs to go bad before they could ever come to market.

  12. Barbar says:

    never say never.
    harsh times or good ones – everything will be back again and again

  13. Dmitry says:

    So why are you suprised?? And SAD? USA,UK,ES!!! It was your dream to destroy USSR!! You did it…so how dare you are shoing this!!!I wish to see you in the same sitation,all the world is sticking metal twigs in your wheels and you are helping vietnamies,Kuba, trying to provide peace in Afganistan. It was the face of starting Capitalism. It was not a socialism, it was ruind by your hand grate countre,which sceleton you are stil afraid of.
    These people were solving problems you would never even understand…
    and believe me now when you have got financial and social problems we are not laughing!

    • Archy Bunka says:

      Are you kidding me? The West destroyed mighty USSR? How could a group of decadent, capitalists destroy the homeland of socialism?
      USSR imploded when Gorby permitted freedom of speech. Every family in Russia had a story of someone missing, who went to gulag and never returned. When the floodgates were opened that killed the USSR, for better or for worse. This is a pattern that repeats itself often in Russian history: repression, repression, revolution, repression.

      • ayaa says:

        “Every family in Russia had a story of someone missing, who went to gulag and never returned.”

        Mine doesn’t. True that almost every Russian family lost someone in the war. But the claims that every third person was sent to the gulags, is false.

        • ayaa says:

          But maybe that may have had more to do with my great-grand parents all having war medals, because they were all about as anti-Stalin as you could get.

    • Hirsh says:

      Greed, selfishness, and lust for power is what destroyed the USSR. Your own boys, Stalin and the rest of them destroyed the USSR. We in the west just prevented them them ruining our lives too. Get over it, Russians and ultimately the USSR itself fell victim to corrupt Russians, not the big bad “West”.

      • John says:

        I think you are 80% right, but I really think that modern technology in the form of communications like radio/Shortwave also, TV etc. newspapers maybe.
        Probably caused so much discontent amongst the poor people worldwide that communism just couldn’t survive. Also the government was not earning enough money to compete globally.
        I think it’s a very complex multitude of reasons.
        The problem today is greed once again. This time I think the USA will look like these pictures here.

  14. marxistworker says:

    “From each according to their abilities; to each according to their needs.” Karl Marx, 1875

  15. El Conejo says:

    Photos times of the Gorbachev (favorite in the West the ghoul). In the early years of Yeltsin it was also… Then came the Messiah :-)

  16. El Conejo says:

    Because of inept politicians, supported by the West, in Russia for many, the term “democracy” is associated with famine, economic ruin and rampant crime. I hope that in Russia will never again be such inefficient rulers as a wimp Gorbachev and anarchist Yeltsin.

    • Hirsh says:

      “in Russia for many, the term “democracy” is associated with famine, economic ruin and rampant crime.” – In other words nothing has changed from the Communist era? Just a title, democracy” vs. “communism”. Why don’t you stop giving politicians to much individual power. We all know what happens when Russians amass to much power, they abuse it just like everywhere else.

  17. wacek says:

    Looks the same like in Poland before 89′
    Poles and Russian are really treated like slaves. We need to to something togethor to change it!

  18. I wouldn’t have known the real story of what actually happened in Russia if I didn’t read the comments of the people who actually experienced it.I hope things are getting better for these people now.

  19. Sikovit says:

    @Archy You are not allowed to criticize the USSR, Russia, or point out the truth.

  20. Cubi says:

    preview of the USA in 2030

  21. geoff says:

    They all look very patient.

  22. Mr. Fox says:

    Can you tell me why they stay in line for food? did shop open once a week?

    Can you tell me how long they stay in line for food?

  23. mariel says:

    they look very sad and suffered people.

  24. D says:

    This needs a picture of Germans waiting in line for the new iPhone.

  25. counterfeit_31 says:

    Well I’m currently studying in Moscow now. No wonder they don’t mind standing in long lines here (in banks, libraries, etc). They were kinda used to it.

  26. Muzzlehatch says:

    I’ve heard of the sparkling water machines before. Imagine hundreds of people using the same glass over and over.

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