13 DHL In Russia

DHL In Russia

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Every day many people send lots of things to all parts of the world. Sometimes it is not just short text messages or e-mails. Sometimes the mail is a material thing and it has to be delivered very fast. It may be so important, that it someone’s life or business may depend on it. Express delivery services are created for this purpose. Let’s see how the DHL Express company works.

Every morning at 9 a. m. the DHL plane lands in the ‘Sheremetyevo’ Airport.

DHL uses Russian aircraft TU-204.

Every evening the plane flies to Germany carrying the mail from Russia, where it gets sorted, and the next morning the plane travels back to Moscow with new parcels.

During the day the maintenance procedures are held.

The unloading starts after the authorities give their permission.

All the shipments are packed in containers that are specially designed to occupy the whole space inside the aircraft.

The airport crew unloads the plane.

Most important shipments are immediately delivered to the customs office where they get sorted again.

First containers begin their way to the airport terminal.


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13 Responses to “DHL In Russia”

  1. spurdosparde says:

    very interesting

  2. Matlok says:

    Cool post, thanks ER.

  3. Pedro says:

    nice advertising, how much they paid?

  4. Steamed McQueen says:

    DHL… because the Russian postal service can NOT be trusted. Yes I know this from experience.

    • Sergei says:

      I guess it can be. But it takes a lot of time just “to start the engine”.

      Recently I`ve waited for my parcel (Russia-Sweden) for 5 weeks, 4 of which they kept it on Moscow suspicious custom service…

      DHL (as well as CityExpress, PonyExpress) work normally fine – just one day and “here you go” :)

  5. geoff says:

    ? ? ? This is an advertisement.

  6. JP says:

    DHL in New Zealand… the dropper of many packages worth a lot of $$$$$$$ we change shipping companies every time they wreck our goods and blame me! YA I dropped the product I made for 4 hours….Useless pricks

  7. Arkadiusz says:

    DHL in Russia is funny. I was waiting in Kirov for documents sent with DHL in Moscow 3 weeks. HAHAHA!

  8. Mr. Fox says:

    I saw they using helicopter!

  9. Wawa says:

    A friend HATES DHL Russia. She spent a couple hundred TWICE to get some legal documents from Moscow ASAP and it took them three months, and the second time she gave up.

  10. dboy says:

    dhl in Russia is somtin else dey returned my parcel back to shipper for no reason after gettin to Moscow

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