5 Destructing Forging Factory In Belarus

Destructing Forging Factory In Belarus

Today we’ll visit a former forgery factory in Belarus that lives on borrowed time. The abandoned place will cease to exist soon.

The forging factory used to produce details for Belorussian car industry using foreign equipment.

A new huge workshop was under construction in the Soviet times. However, following 1991 Belarus that had gained independence by that time wasn’t able to raise money and complete the project.

Now the workshop is empty, and there is nothing inside.

The workshop has two floors.

The flooring is made of concrete blocks which are located not close to one another and are separated by many trenches. Besides, numerous metal constructions were found right in the blocks.

The workshop consists of various passages with frame cranes above them. Click on the image to view the full size.

The upper part is impossible to reach because there are no stairs.

Parts of some press machine.

Several crane hooks can be found downstairs.


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5 Responses to “Destructing Forging Factory In Belarus”

  1. geoff says:

    Hard to imagine (heartbreaking) getting that far into the project and not being able to finish it.

  2. Verto says:

    Very “rare” kind of abandoned projects ! ! ! ! ! ! !.abandoned without any “utilising” .Big is better but big is also “burden”! ! ! ! ! !.

  3. petrohof says:

    that is what happens when govt and economy collapse. we should pay attention to the writing on the wall.(figurativly)

  4. marxistworker says:

    Socialism builds; capitalism discards.

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