7 C-189 Submarine Museum, St. Petersburg

C-189 Submarine Museum, St. Petersburg

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A C-189 613 submarine is moored to the pontoon pier at the  Lieutenant Schmidt Embarkment. The submarine was built in 1955 at a  Baltic factory. It is the oldest submarine of the postwar construction which is still afloat.

Project 613 Soviet diesel-electric torpedo middle submarine is the first and most numerous type of submarines built after the WWII. The engineering design was made by Efgrafov Y. E. and in August 1948 it was approved. The first submarine was launched in October 1950. In 1951 it was affiliated to the navy. Since 1951 to 1958, they built 215 submarines of this type in the USSR and 21 submarines in China. It was the biggest submarine line in the history of the Soviet shipbuilding; on a world scale, it is the second biggest after the German Type VII submarine line built during World War 2.

A combat submarine aimed at fighting against the enemy’s ships, drifting mines, and reconnaissance. Project 613 submarines had been on duty in the seas and the oceans up to the late 80s. They were also used for new weapons tests and as personnel training units.  Some of them were converted for other purposes.

Mir sailor and C-189 submarine.


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7 Responses to “C-189 Submarine Museum, St. Petersburg”

  1. Dee_Ann says:

    Um, in the translation it says “A C-189 613 submarine”..

    To be accurate it should read, in English, “An S-189 613 submarine”..


  2. Russian Fan says:

    I bet a few drunk sailors have slept in those torpedo tubes before.

    • Sergei says:

      I`ll tell you more. My father worked at the authority agency and told me one funny story about this submarine. What happened in 1990 (right before the Soviet Union fall) – it sank because of the negligence of TWO DRUNK SAILORS). It took 15 years to uplift this training unit and renovate.
      Here`s one winter photo, which I took in 2008 (but I`ve never visited museum yet, since later I left Russia).

  3. Mr. Fox says:

    Nice detail photos!

    Everything is clean and MINT condition!

  4. j pigden says:

    Someone had to climb into and paint those tubes!

  5. Osip says:

    How can it be that this boat was sunken for 15 years? It is in as good or better shape than other boats in service with Russian navy.

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