19 Life of a Snow White Man

Life of a Snow White Man

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Albinism is a congenital disease characterized by absence of pigment in the skin. According to scientists, one in 20 thousand people is a white-skinned white-haired albino. A 27-year-old resident of Astana, Ruslan Nabiev, is one of them. He does not think himself to be special in any way that is why he is always surprized when he is given much attention to. He says that he is used to people staring at him so he does not notice it.  As for his friends, non of them sets a stress on his appearance.

The Nabievs begin their day at 7 a. m. Since Ruslan is a visually handicapped person, he was granted a two-room apartment six months ago. Now they can enjoy a new view.

Olya is the oldest child in the family, she is 4. It is time for her to go to the kindergarten.

This is Julia, 2, and Ruslan’s wife Sasha. She says that this summer they are going to celebrate the 6th anniversary of their family. She met Ruslan at a patry when she was a sophomore. In the beginning his look was shocking to her because a completely white person is a nonsense in the society.  After the wedding Sasha learnt that Ruslan’s aunt was also an albino.  According to statistics, albino genes are passed to the offsprings skipping one generation that is why Ruslan and Sasha are expecting to have albino grandchildren.

Ruslan’s brother, Evgeny, has cooked pancakes for breakfast.

Albinos usually have a weak eyesight. They need special glasses which protect their retina. Moreover, they have to wear special clothes and hats which protect their skin from the sunlight because they have a big chance of having skin cancer.

They kids do not ask yet why their daddy looks not like them or their mom. Probably, when they grow up a little, they will.

Everybody is ready. It is time to warm up the car.

Some need to be given a ride to the kindergarten.

The other have to go to work. Although just 10% of Ruslan’s eyesight is functioning, he is not afraid of driving because he ‘has good breaks’.

He is uncapable of seeing details, he sees just the shades of the objects. Headlights also help him orient himself. He says that he had just one car accident in 5 years, and it was not connected to his weak eyesight. His car swerved on a slippery road in winter but he was fine. His family and he need this car.

Ruslan sells video and audio equipment for a living.

As a rule, clients call him to ask about certain models of equipment or just to receive a consultation. Ruslan tells them about technical features and names the price. After that he calls to the storehouse and in a couple of days the equipment he needs is in the store. Pretty simple and fast.

Most of his clients are his acquaintances and their friends. People usually come to the store on weekends, on working days it is pretty empty.

He played contrabass as a kid and at school he learnt how to play the guitar. He was even doing concerts with his school music band (he studied at a school for children with visual impairments in Karaganda).

He says that once he took part in a music competition. His teacher made him play so much that he cut the skin on his fingers. The next day he had to go on the stage with his fingers bandaged. The ensemble where he played took first place.

He was not an outcast at school. Probably, his classmates thought that he was just a blond.

Meeting his friend to go to a supermarket.

His friend calls Ruslan ‘Beliy’ which means ‘white’ and says that a lot of people ask him why Ruslan constantly dyes his hair.

Sasha is washing the greens. She said that once Ruslan and she were in a supermarket. Ruslan was holding a white rat on his shoulder. When a boy saw it, he came up and asked, who and where colored people and animals white. He wanted to be white too.

They have not bought all necessary furniture yet that is why they use anything available.

They are a regular family and that is the secret of their happiness.

Location: Astana

via voxpopuli.kz

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19 Responses to “Life of a Snow White Man”

  1. BlowME says:

    Nothing special. I know a few albinos and they are perfectly normal people, so what..?

    • yojimbo says:

      The point of the article was that Ruslan Nabiev does not feel that he is any different than anyone else did you read the first paragraph? I think not.You clearly did not read any of this article.

      Of course seeing as you call yourself BlowME that indicates that you most likely only care about yourself and not for others at all.I bet you do not really have any albino friends your claim sounds like the standard “Internet I know something” bogus statement.

  2. Patrick TH says:

    hope he live well

    • yojimbo says:

      I think is doing ok he has a larger than average apparent(says so in the article)and he is driving a lates 90’s early 00 Lexus which in Kazakhstan is an above average ride.

  3. Viktor. says:

    “Although just 10% of Ruslan’s eyesight is functioning, he is not afraid of driving because he ‘has good breaks’”


  4. Tovarich Volk says:

    Russian Johnny Winter, right down to the guitar and the cowboy hat. –Hope he does well.

  5. OLUT says:

    He kinda looks like someone you’d see in Finland. Little bit different bone structure, though.

    Wait a minute… dude can put up a fancy shelf setup and mount the tv on the wall, but they don’t have a chair at the table? Yeah, I know that’s his job, but how hard is buying a chair? Just sayin’…

  6. opticalsound says:

    Shouldn’t he be living in Belarus?

  7. Ham are sick, Al says:

    i don’t think he is handicapped. Collecting from the government and claiming you are handicapped and are not is fraud. There is nothing about his condition that would prevent him from getting employment. if he is sensitive to bright light, sunglasses are the remedy. He should be cut-off from the dole.

  8. Ham are sick, Al says:

    He is driving a Lexus. And he is supported by the government? Something isn’t right here…

  9. (r)evolutionist says:

    A tire for a chair? Why not an amp??

  10. geoff says:

    Thank you Ruslan (‘Beliy’) for letting us look at your family and a bit of your life. Very Innovative furniture. Good luck to you from Australia.

  11. Mitch says:

    Any chance of showing us what it’s like a for a black man in Moscow?

  12. Verto says:

    Is “African Albino” exist ? ? ? ? ? ?

  13. tommo says:

    I have an Indian albino who is a regular at my store. At first I thought he was German.

  14. Bob says:

    Driving while 90% blind?!?!?!


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