37 Ghetto of Tver City

Ghetto of Tver City

There are places in Russia where people can hardly make both ends meet. Look at the pictures made in the ghetto of Tver city.


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37 Responses to “Ghetto of Tver City”

  1. ahaa says:

    this is far from ghetto. this is “normal” in russia.

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    What a pity, it looks like it was a very nice building when it went up.

  3. Nergol says:

    You call THAT a ghetto?

  4. xxx says:

    This is not ghetto, it’s proletarka, michail krug sang a lot about them

    • CZenda says:

      What is “proletarka”? The place looks like a former administrative complex turned to flats. It shows a lot of neglect, but the granny with cats has new (although cheap plastic) windows in her flat. Any more detailed info wold be appreciated.

      • Don says:

        It was built for workers of Morozov’s fabrics by local businessman Savva Morozov 100 years ago.It was a social apartments building, a new thing for Russian Empire.

  5. Monytr says:

    Lovely place, wish i could live there :)

  6. lenk says:

    I love the large windows in rooms and high ceilings!

  7. yojimbo says:

    looks like a ghetto to me.Any place where the population is poor and living more or less in squalor and is out of sight and mind of the upper class that can be considered a ghetto,favalla,slum, what ever there are many names but the song remains the same.

  8. terminator says:

    its not ghetto, they have doors and windows

  9. John says:

    This is just Western propaganda, don’t believe it. I’ve been to Tver and many other places in Russia and it is NOT like this at all! Almost everywhere there are new, shiny steel apartments with lots of the latest luxury cars, Mercedes, Ferrari, all the best Prada brands, not just in Moscow but all over the country! It is just jealousy at the success of modern Russia, and probably also just some anti-Putin blog postings by haters.

    You can find these kinds of ghettos all over Germany (especially around Munich and Frankfurt), but no where in Russia.

    • geoff says:

      John, it sounds like you have reading too much Russian “propaganda”

      Learn to accept the truth. You will know its the truth because you will not like it.

      • outrageous says:

        @geoff, I love your second statement but how do you know that what @john is writing is false?

        Though I totally reject @john’s last statement.

  10. IamI says:

    Nice pics, but the place itself isn’t ghetto at all – regular poor labour housing, as thousands of others around the world.

  11. DouglasU says:

    I guess they make the best of it as they are able to..

  12. Steamed McQueen says:

    Looks like a typical kommunikalka to me.

    I’ve always like Tver. Close enough to Moscow for a day trip, far enough away to escape the city.

  13. ho fo sho says:

    Run down, yeah. But you don’t see trash strewn all over the place and it looks like the people do what they can to keep it tidy. At least they aappear to have self respect.

  14. Barbar says:

    They are not as poor as you may think. Obviously this building is state property. Residents just don’t want to spend own money for repair. They wait for municipality to fix this. Actualy you can find such places all over the world.

  15. ayaa says:

    Yep. This is normal in Russia. Apart from the rich few, the vast majority of Russians still live just above the poverty line.

    Makes you wonder. In the days of the tsar, it was 5% that was keeping the other 95 under their heels. In Soviet times, it was 10% bossing over the other 90. In the 90’s , it was just 1% that ruled the country. Atleast, under the Soviets and imperialists people has food and water, shelter, clothes, education (in soviet times), and a generally peaceful and prospering society. Now, well we all know the rest.

    • Alan V says:

      no. we do not know the rest. In fact, as awesome as this website is – it forever neglects to explain exactly what Russia is. Been here for years and all I can say is that Russia’s alphabet is ass-backwards. But I wouldn’t mind being there.

      I’m 45 years old. Young enough to miss the communist threat. Old enough to remember being taught in school that the folks in the USA were doing 10x better than anyone else on the planet. I found out that was all a lie. Just like blacks and gay people. I love the things that I was taught to hate.

      While a picture might be worth a thousand words, a handful of real words alongside the picture could make it worth looking at. We all came here to learn. Why do you hesitate to teach?

  16. OldBikr says:

    Nope I just see regular working class people.

    They seem to care about keeping up with the trash and everything.

    I have been to real ghettos in New York City, you know you are in a ghetto section by the lack of care the inhabitants show for everything, including each other.

  17. radishio says:

    An American ghetto is in much worse shape, with many times more garbage, graffiti, and dangerous criminals/thugs running amok. You cannot even hang your laundry outside in a real ghetto.

    • Fossil says:

      That looks like a very safe ghetto to me. I live in Phoenix and ghettos here are extremely dangerous with drugs and guns. I would live in this Russian ghetto. I would pay for some paint for my apartment and also have a cat to catch mice.

  18. Viktor. says:

    Very sad to look at people living in conditions like that. The architecture of the old pre-revolutionary buildings still looks beautiful.

  19. DouglasU says:

    thank god there are a few new windows.

  20. BitemeIamtoxic says:

    A ghetto is something you cannot leave. Unless you are black, then you are ghetto.

  21. popalumi says:

    Cladirea este foarte frumoasa , dar trebuie investit in ea. Acesti locatari au loguri de munca?Si la noi ,in Romania, se intilnesc asemenea peisaje.
    Ghetourile americane sunt cu mult diferite.ACOLO ai doua optiuni:ori mori,ori inebunesti.

  22. constantin says:

    They’re eating meat, have tall ceilings, bright windows and too much of fresh air due to a green city. some lack of paint does not mean they live a bad life. they live a normal life with normal minded western people and enjoy life. that’s enough for life.

  23. zipp says:

    This is typical of conditions in Russia, but I can tell you that I’ve seen similar and in some cases a lot worse in other Eastern European countries too.

    Is it a ghetto? I wouldn’t say so.

  24. Anatole says:

    No! I love the cats. Those big Siberian cats are very smart and friendly. I’m sure they provide a bit of joy to what looks like a very hard life.

  25. Babushka Svetoslav says:

    The first image accurately describes a typical Russian female.

  26. copilot says:

    Still better than american ghettos with crack, black people and latino murders and beheadings every day

  27. todd says:

    Very sad to see this.Hong Kong had a area of slums but was demolishes a few years ago.Now this was bad.I cant think of the name.

  28. todd says:

    It is called walled city Kowloon Hong Kong NOW THIS WAS A SLUM.

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