9 Modern Baku: Future That Has Already Come

Modern Baku: Future That Has Already Come

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For several years Baku has been experiencing an incredible building boom. They build new hotels, office buildings, skyscrapers, modern art museums... which are just stunning! In this article we are going to show you the amazing combination of modern architecture and history.

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Driving around Baku, you see building cranes and building lumber all the time. They have three areas to work on. First of all, they reconstruct old Soviet buildings. Secondly, they preserve the ancient part of city by building new buildings in the same architectual style and limiting the entry. And finally, they build multiple modern buildings of unbelievable beauty. On the picture you can see a modern shopping mall and a Hilton hotel. Looks great at night!

The building boom began after the country had won in the Eurovision Song Contest. The pace of construction is really fast because everything should be finished by  2012.


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9 Responses to “Modern Baku: Future That Has Already Come”

  1. Ivan says:

    “The building boom began after the country had won in the Eurovision Song Contest” – they won the contest in May of this year, do you want to tell us that they have built all this in just 4 months???

  2. Ivan says:

    The reason of the building boom there is actually the export of oil

  3. geoff says:

    Wow, Fantastic. You guys will do anything !

  4. BlowME says:

    Eurovision is just another way of laundering money… i’m just saying…

  5. Verto says:

    Highrise and highrise but not firm industrial base.bubble economies does not survive very long ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  6. Uncledoh says:

    it’s nice when you have oil money

  7. Matt C. says:

    Interesting how they come up with designs for modern architecture. The first design was was created from a braun electric shaver. I know I shave with one every day. Bet that won lots of awards. Nice to see modern architecture come up with new designs. In the past only cubes and rectangles would do. That and tall buildings that looked suspiciously like cigarette lighters and cigarette boxes.
    You know you’d think that over the past 60 or so years that the inspiration for modern architecture only included shoe boxes, rectangles, and cubes. Glad to see them moving into taking ideas from electric razors from Germany; way to go!
    Isn’t it great how after the last world war the communists and the democrats agreed that only glass and concrete cubes and rectangles should be built! And now they’ve moved to electric shavers! As well as rolled up tubes. Fantastic !

  8. R Sole (Bottom Inpector Nr 627729) says:

    ~”Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko”~
    oops, disregard that, my bad.

  9. USSR says:

    Yes no objection…Beautiful buildings.. looks great…but 40% of population living under poverty
    level,overwhelming corruption, authoretarian rule,
    Daddy’s personality cult is not so great…And Is there anything in Azerbaijan not named after Heydar Aliyev? Whereever you look president’s daddy’s name is there.BTW liked that dice sculpture, probably dedicated to president’s gambling abilities…

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