25 Union Shield 2011 Military Exercise

Union Shield 2011 Military Exercise

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On September, 22, the final phase of the united Russia-Belarus-Ukraine-Kazakhstan ‘Union Shield-2011′ exercise took place. It was held on Ashuluk training ground in Astrakhan region. Russia was represented by the 21st motorized infantry battalion; Belarus was represented by the 120th  mechanized infantry brigade of the Guards; Ukraine and Kazakhstan were represented by airborne companies. Around 12 000 servicemen, over 200 units of  surface transport, and 50 units of airborne  transport took part in the exercise.

Byelorussian servicemen are preparing a pilotless vehicle.

Pilotless vehicle ‘Irkut-10′.

A Byelorussian serviceman is wearing an F-type hazmat suit.

A cockade of the Byelorussian serviceman.

Here’s the Byelorussian BMP-2.

A serviceman is camouflages something by sticking twigs into the ground. Pay your attention to the bullet-proof vest. Later on you’ll see other discrepancies within the same battalion.

Here they are! These guys are wearing old 6B5 bullet-proof vests.

The Byelorussians still have the RPK. In Russia they changed it for the PKM or the PKP, exept for the airborne troops and special mission units .

Here’s another kind of bullet-proof vests.


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25 Responses to “Union Shield 2011 Military Exercise”

  1. A. Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Just a note: today the space age began with the launch of “Sputnik”, in 1957. Considering that Stalin threw Sergei Pavlovich Korolev into a gulag, along with most of the army leadership, it’s a miracle the USSR had a space program at all.

  2. Daniel says:

    A very interesting story. I notice that this exercise takes place in daylight and clear weather and is obviously dependent on good observation. What happens at night and in bad weather?
    This exercise is very much like a Soviet-era positional exercise with no movement. Strictly stand -in-one-place and pretend you are at war. This is not the way to train for modern war.

  3. historian says:

    Lukashenko will go in 7 years and then belorus will join russia.

  4. Poupou-en-guyane says:

    Not a Mi-24N. It’s a Mi-28.

  5. historian says:

    russian power kept russia save from imperialists.

  6. ayaa says:

    Actually you are terribly wrong. I think Russians know best what happens when you are inadequately prepared for war. Almost, (most likely more than) 30 million dead, economy in ruins, infrastructure gone, and maniac mass murderer in the Kremlin to ensure that Russians continued to suffer long after the war.

    • geoff says:

      We have wars because people will kill somebody because somebody else tells them to. I do not deny history, but lets stop repeating it. How will the world change if we don’t!

      Go on, hide this comment to.

  7. Mingus says:

    I agree geoff, war is bad and they should not be allowed to make bombs and hurt people. We should all love each other! I will change my opinion if I ever get raped in the ass, however.

  8. A. Bunka says:

    Remember “All Quiet on the Western Front”.
    Katczinsky says:”the next time the leaders want a war, they should be stripped naked and a field and have it out with clubs.”

  9. ayaa says:

    @goeff, Mingus

    Unless each and every military in the world completely demilitarizes, there will always be some force with which to fight with. And even then there are the terrorists, separatists, extremists, etc…

    SO better be prepared, IMO.

  10. Mr. Fox says:

    ‘Red Star’ on the wings of UAV???

  11. A.Oscar says:

    I do not think should be good idea demilitarized the world yet; but could be back the old days, when the kings used to go to wars. Should be well organized only over fifties should go to wars, and most the government’s people; included Prime Ministers and Presidents over 50 should go to wars. Their usual are the instigators and proved themselves like the old days. China too because over populated should be over 40s. This way I believe will be the end of wars. Even some presidents now 70s should go to wars. If they die of heart problems: because to worry about it, too bad. But women too should go, just in case to give some moral to the old focus. Common spread my idea OK. Do all of you know the population in the world? Over five billion of people. Just China has a billion and half. India already passes a billion. I am sure no more wars if could do these tactics. The old guys has been the trouble makers in the world; they instigates and having the most money too. But I I’m old too: and the reason I mention, because the old ones are in control and never going to be this way. Há há há. A.Oscar I have laugh like crazy about this.

  12. D. Bunker says:

    Do all these computers use Windows? If so you can count on getting the infamous “blue screen of death” right at a critical moment.

    • gfsdf says:

      That’s not Windows, unless they’re messing around with the theme.

      Probably some flavor of open source OS that is compiled by the military.

  13. Jim says:

    One day KABOOMMMM Bye bye Russia

  14. Korzuchin53 says:

    World’s insanity. God help us; Jesus!

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