8 Medieval Cave Town Eski-Kermen

Medieval Cave Town Eski-Kermen

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Eski-Kermen is a medieval town in the southwest of the Crimea. It means ‘old fortress’ in Crimean-Tatar.

Eski-Kermen is located near the city of Bahchisaray. It was built on a plateau bounded by thirty-meter steeps (a mountain mass in the middle of the picture).

So hot, so many trees and birds… Looks just like jungle!

Here’s one of the paths…

Here one can discern the remains of the watch tower.

Almost on top!

The town was founded at the end of the 6th century A. D. as a byzantine fortification, and had existed until the end of the 14th century. Its history up to the 10th century is not well known because it was an insignificant fortress.

Siege well of the 6th century.

You can see how tall it is, standing on the very brink of the precipice.

On the left, there is one of the defensive rooms of the fortress.


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8 Responses to “Medieval Cave Town Eski-Kermen”

  1. OLUT says:

    That looks like paradise for local kids. What could be more fun than playing in those awesome caves and rooms?

  2. geoff says:

    Wow fantastic. Puts a different perspective on the term “Cave Man”. I wonder how they carved the rock.

  3. Barbar says:

    Looks like fortress of dwarves.

  4. historian says:

    Reminds on the scene with DUXI in 9. Rota.

  5. John says:

    It would be nice to build a modern village along those same lines, with concrete and stone. I think we feel most comfortable and natural in caves.

  6. historian says:

    ER should write more about the early history of russia, a lot of early greek settlements can be found black sea and aral sea.
    Also many experts think that at the boarder to kazakhstan lived the famous Arier, no not the germans. Greek called a clan of amazons, the famous amazons that way.

    They should also write something about the small clans which culture becomes smaller and smaller, because many of them move to big cities. No you havent to pass the Ural also between moscow and murmanks are a lot of different races.

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