50 Hidden In The Woods

Hidden In The Woods

Look what have been found by people who went into the deep forest to pick mushrooms.

Long lines of  military equipment were left abandoned. What could be the reason for that?


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50 Responses to “Hidden In The Woods”

  1. Barbar says:

    Ah, another undead army.
    ArIsE My SerVaNTs! ArISe aND mARch!

  2. Luky says:

    Can I ask about location? thank you

  3. Nick says:

    Makes me wonder just how many of these vehicle dumps there are around Russia ,not to mention the ex communist bloc countries.

  4. geoff says:

    So many abandoned things in Russia, buildings, barracks, big military sites, rocket launching sites, towns, tunnels……
    Allays seams like such a waste of resources.

  5. perristalsis says:

    You have just shown evidence of alien abduction, this is the infamous “Lost Brigade” that mysteriously vanished without a trace years ago, but whose fate is unknown to the outside world. Sources say the government covered it up for fear of mass panic by the public that might cause an upheaval in Soviet government that would lead to radical changes in that society… My extrasensory powers inform me that the missing personnel are still alive and doing well on the planet Xenon, where sex, booze, and- gasp! Rock and roll are the dominant activities.

  6. guest says:

    Why are the labels/marks on trucks photoshopped away? Are these remains of the Chernobyl clean-up? I wonder whether one should carry a Geiger-counter before going anywhere near a graveyard of that kind of heavy-duty equipment.

  7. tommo says:

    The whole of Russia is squatter punk utopia!

  8. Petio from Bulgaria says:

    OMG! I can’t believe!

  9. pytor says:

    This is the sign that once mildely prosperous russia is turning into a very poor nation with very very wealthy few.
    Russia grabbed lots of small countries and murdered millions of non russians(including few million russians)but in the end all the land they acquired is lying waste.Nothing grows there except mushrooms and berries.Nobody lives there except foxes,hares and bears.
    good buy russia.pretty soon you will become another middle eastern nation

    • historian says:

      ofcourse they murdered and you have evidence? please show us some source.

      I see you want our land, but you scum will never get it..

      And nice information, so which part of russia have you visited, where can I find the land is lying waste?
      Russia agriculture is number 2 after USA…

    • zero says:

      This statement may have been true in 1990s, but today is year 2011. If you still think that country is in ruins you should wake up or visit psychiatrist.

  10. petrohof says:

    some look almost new and unmolested. not yet vandalized is rare, must be remote location.

  11. The Beat says:

    To say the least kind of depressing. Though, a nice find for those who were picking mushrooms in the woods.

  12. Verto says:

    The “mysteriously” missing military convoy at least found ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !rebel anti communist commander and his allies were hunted and killed by soviet authorities in late 70’s ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !declassified documents are available at KGB’s archive ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  13. scud-werfer says:


  14. George Johnson says:

    Probably on some exercise when the old soviet union collapsed, and were just told to go home. No government to pay for fuel, or pay their salary to do the job.

  15. gugugu says:

    posłać tam polskich żłomiarzy wnet ten bgałagan uprzątną,las będzie zadowolony a rubelki wschowają w kieszeń

  16. Tovarich Volk says:

    My main concern here would be the condition of the shell in the second to past picture. If there’s one of them, there will most likely be more of them, and I would be concerned for the safety of anybody that explored here.

    • asdf says:

      That’s far too large to be munitions, and in a couple images above it you can see similar structures on top of the armored vehicles. My guess would be it’s some sort of comms or sensory module.

  17. zero says:

    God damn it. If you think how much one of these costs… It is probably possible to make some of those operational again. Of course it makes sense to check for radiation/chemical poisoning before tinkering with any of those vehicles. Just in case.

  18. Lusker 41 says:

    The Mark are photoshopped 2 keep this place for long time as possible. To many hints and this will be gone and vadalized very fast….
    Its not a Chenobyl clean up but in the Moscow area….

    Good hunting :0)

  19. cia says:

    Probably a hoax.

  20. Abyss says:

    Ahhhh heaven at last!

  21. Zonda says:

    I expect to read about mushroom harvest: mushroom, mushroom, bullet, mushroom, grenade, bullet, bullet, mushroom, mine ….

  22. Grass says:

    Po delegacji polskich złomiarzy nie byłoby nawet jednej śrubki.

  23. Stefan says:

    I wonder, how many mushroom picking ppl own a DSLR?
    And i agree about the Geiger counter…I wish i found something like this one day. As a truck driver, and photographer, i wont vandalize anything! I promise! I`ll just try to drive some of them! :)

    • Banana says:

      That was my first thought too! Pick a bunch of friends, plenty of tools, fuel, diesel fuel, motor oil, hand-starting crank, car batteries and everything else needed. Then choose a random vehicle and joyride it!

  24. doom says:

    so if i start it i can have it? i dont think anyone will miss it…

  25. Ilya says:

    Somebody knows where it is?

  26. MAD_DOGG says:

    You can read above that it is located near Moscow…

  27. parabellum says:

    It’s a shame to see how much equipment is ruined. Even if the military unit was disbanded and the equipment removed from service, all this can be sold to farmers or by some businessmen (who want to buy a military truck, turning machine or a diesel generator there would be complete in Russia) and the money transferred to the account of the Ministry of Defence.

  28. Les. Hayward says:

    I really must learn to read/speak Russian!

  29. Mizz(A)... says:

    So, why not?
    Is the other option now better?
    Whatever You like it or not, I tell the The truth, and not to offend the country.

  30. Amalekite says:

    Typical Russians, just drive the lot of it in the woods and leave it there. LOL.

  31. Harquebus says:

    The vehicles are almost exclusively communications vehicles and a few support vehicles. Most appear driveable with some batteries and fresh gas. I hope the ubiquitous vandal finds better pickings elsewhere. The “liquidator” vehicles used during the Chernobyl accident are still on-site and remain “hot” to this day. Great find here.

  32. Bullwinkle J Moose says:

    Communications *mostly*. I see a FROG/SCUD launcher tractor in several of those pictures towards the end. And that picture of the corroding artillery shell also makes me concerned for the safety of just wandering around those vehicles..

  33. denizen55 says:

    Why did you blur out some of the inscriptions?

  34. JC says:

    “Near Moscow” isn’t much of a clue, I’d like to see this for myself.
    Anyone want to help me?

  35. Banana says:

    Great find!

    There is one abandoned nuclear missile base near my home. Sadly all the vehicles are taken away by Russians, and all the buildings have already collapsed. However i still love that place!!

    Ahh, if only I would find something like this, i swear i’d attempt to start atleast one of those vehicles!

  36. Marek says:

    Russia seems to be very rich country. They can afford dumping lots of military equipment in the forest for no reason.

  37. Ski says:

    I wonder what legal consequences would be incurred if someone wanted to keep one of these vehicles. . .

  38. Harrison Clarke says:

    if anyone has any info on the location of these trucks please email me thank you.

  39. unknown says:

    Radioactive contaminated equipment. If the administrator knows who took the pictures, let him now that the area is contaminated and due to political reasons it cant be designated as such.

  40. Boutique says:

    Such an ugly scenery! they seem to make the forest a deposit of military equipment. Russia is a rich country and may be they don’t need it anymore, but leaving all this equipment in the bush without any reason is not good. The reaction of radioactivity may damage the area and it could be a real danger for those who were picking mushrooms in the woods.

  41. Greg Andal says:

    How can I buy a redio truck with all the radio equipment intact ? Thanks

  42. Eagle says:

    Duh! Mushrooms, abandonded military vehicles, forest…These vehicles were probably used in the the Chernobyl disaster and are radioactive enough to seriously shorten your life if you take one. But sure go ahead….

  43. Abdulla Toghouj says:

    I wish i was there

  44. KARL says:


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