5 A Journey Through Three Russian Cities

A Journey Through Three Russian Cities

Let’s walk over the roofs of famous buildings located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Vyborg city in Leningrad region and get the view of their sights.

Red Square.

The Historical Museum.

Surveillance cameras.

Funny advertising. ‘The Chicken Is Pleased’

The picture was taken from a building on the Manezh Square.

A monument to the Peter the Great.

View from the main building of the Moscow State University.

Inside the Museum.

The TV station.

Kazan Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg.

Church of the Savior on Blood.

Alexandrovsky Theatre.

Field of Mars.

Inside the subway.

The Catherine Palace.

A part of Vyborg Palace.

The tower was built in 1490.

Location: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vyborg.

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5 Responses to “A Journey Through Three Russian Cities”

  1. PIF says:

    Great shots and kudos for the courage of being that high up !!!

  2. A. Bunka says:

    These kids up on high places make me nervous…

  3. Verto says:

    I love Soviet emblem of sickle and hammer on the top of Moscow state university ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Very nice post.i really appreciate.

  4. too much vodka says:

    Vyborg doesn’t really have a palace, it is a medieval castle.

  5. Mister Dog says:

    Why is the chicken pleased?

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