38 Soviet Epoch In Soviet Posters

Soviet Epoch In Soviet Posters

Look through the posters that were very popular at the time of the USSR existence.

Protect Petrograd city!

From devastating wars to bright labor and enlightenment, 1st May 1921.

Cossack, you are made to fight against working people. Turn round and kill your real enemies instead.

Every unjustified absence from work brings your enemy joy, while a person who loves working makes the bourgeois class sad and angry.

Fight the White Army with a red wedge.

We’ll make a strike at global capital with a book and a rifle.

Red present for the White plan – hit the rich with the present!


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38 Responses to “Soviet Epoch In Soviet Posters”

  1. Verto says:

    THE “HISTORY” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. OLUT says:

    It is high time to taste crabs.

  3. Barbar says:

    Most of the posters contain more text than translation.
    I think something is being hidden from us.

  4. Monkeywrench says:

    TL;DR: Fight for the people who are taking your freedom for their own gain. Don’t exercise your human right to freedom of expression and mind. Don’t think for yourself, read state sponsored propaganda instead. New boss = the old boss under a different flag.
    Communism ruined my country.

  5. geoff says:

    I love the ones that were trying to empower women,”learn to read”, “don’t be a slave to the kitchen” etc.
    But I don’t understand the motivation behind a lot of the others, turning workers against rich men, priests and such.

    • sabotos says:

      Not too difficult to understand. The wealthy church and petty Bourgeoisie had ground the peasant and worker under their bootheel for centuries.

    • George Johnson says:

      It’s communism. The state wanted total control, and religion gave the people hope, and possible control. It got in the states way.

    • Cheburator says:

      Well, you just have to go and read about the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      The motivation was to win the peasants in the countryside and the workers in the cities to support the communists against the rich and the religious leaders who had been the main supporters of the Tsar and the old regime. Also to attack capitalist countries which had supported the Whites (anti-communists) in the Russian Civil War. It was just propaganda to put complex things into simple terms, like all propaganda.

      • geoff says:

        Thank you,its a bit clearer.
        “propaganda to put complex things into simple terms, like all propaganda”
        Trying and in a lot of cases succeeding to manipulate us.

    • zero says:

      Because “wealthy rich man” is an enemy to a working class according to soviet logic. Or an “oppressor”. Rich people and west were portrayed as a cowardly creatures with infinite greed that would do anything for money.

  6. Kilroy Was Here says:


  7. Faith Gorodki says:

    s/Death to the Nazi invaders!/Death to the communist invaders!/

  8. Zack says:

    A good one for communists today:
    Parasites who don’t work prevent others from working as well.

  9. adsrwed says:

    Some of those translations are terrible.

  10. Rubén says:

    Without the menace of the USSR, the most savage capitalism will crush the social rights of workers all over Europe.

    The international debt crisis is just their tool to do it.

  11. A. Bunka says:

    For true political enlightenment behind the “powers that be” I suggest you watch this:
    Duck Soup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwZ9IqJO7e4&feature=related

    Please note that while President Firefly tells you what “you” are not permitted to do, he is doing them all!

  12. marxistworker says:

    Thanks to ER for the history lesson. The posters of the marxist Soviet Union of the 1920s reflected the true Marxist ideals of egalitarianism, justice, decency (prohibition, anti-smoking, anti-domestic violence), cooperation, classlessness, progressivism. There was no cult of personality (Comrade Lenin was against this). The cultural revolution was to improve all peoples. Comrades Lunacharsky, Bukharin, Tomsky, Trotsky, Kamenev, Kollontai, et. al. sought a peaceful, progressive system of socialism for everyone. The posters of the 1930s and afterwards reflect “the great turn” to Stalinism and the dismantling of marxism. The cult of personality is created, consumerism is promoted (smoking, hamburgers?), paranoia is introduced (spies, deviationists), and nationalism over internationalism. A history of the Soviet Union showing the two phases: marxist; anti-marxist.

    • too much vodka says:

      Marxism under Lenin was also: a violent seizure of power and dismissal of democraty, the Red Terror and a resulting civil war, the start of a massive system of concentration camps, under Stalin united into the Gulag system, political repression of all possible opponents, including social revolutionaires and mensheviks, and restoring a market economy (the NEP) because otherwise the country’s economy would completely collapse.

  13. geoff says:

    George, protesting where?(on this page?) are commies?, you sound like my great grandfather.

  14. buk says:

    “The world will belong to us!” – no f chance – Thank you God…

    • too much vodka says:

      The equivalent of that other socialsit propaganda: “Heute da hört uns Deutschland, und Morgen die ganze Welt.”

  15. R says:

    Capitalism in my country, the Netherlands is kinda dismantling it at the moment. Budget cuts/ gap between rich and poor getting bigger, Marxist doesnt sound bad at all, but I geuss you need a pretty sizeable country for that.

  16. CZenda says:

    “We’ll make a strike at global capital with a book and a rifle” sounds very similar to “Libro e moschetto, fascista perfetto” (Book and rifle make a perfect fascist) :-D

  17. Verto says:

    “Hope” for working class ! ! ! ! ! !I love “ER” translations,cause the “translations” are much “better”then the “originals” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Now i am going to “fishing” for the “good” of society ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  18. popalumi says:

    Istorie din care au rezultat aceste timpuri.
    Poporul rus a varsat mari de singe si tot nu are ceea ce merita.
    Nu pot sa nu ma gindesc la ce spune d-l Ion Iliescu ca, Internationala I nu trebuia sa se scindeze.

  19. Zonda says:

    Cheap propaganda, but this phrase: “We’ll, make a strike at global capital with a book and a rifle.” it sound very contemporary…

  20. j pigden says:

    Communism ONLY existed for a few years. Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism were the results of greedy men who were not strong enough for Communism!

  21. A.Oscar says:

    Man always looking for somebody work for hem; this way groups of society that work for a such group, the Leader of such for the good of minority. That included religion too. I think a freedom of trying to be something in life; without use somebody for him. In Russia was not that good under of Czars; after the revolution came the other if the same way, look after one minority group. I believe in Democracy; but not the one everybody think it is right. Democracy was invented by the USA with something in mind, just to instigate other countries to be like them. Parliamentary Democracy; you just vote and after one man or two, under the minority respond for everything in the country. These it the way in just about all worlds included in USA. I think the people should vote again in issues of great magnitude, such is guy people get married. A country belong to the people; and always been the people to defend the country. Not to many countries this way; just like now what did happened in many governments going into without money, because abuse of the people’s money. Now their created austerity for the people; and themselves living still in luxury, and don’t drop on wages either, at the same time creating favors to is own friends: and the suffering stay on the people. Those types of Democracy just about the same like a Dictatorship. USA money show figures of Dictatorship and at the same time to do with Devil or something alike, Pyramids the evil eye and many people even do not know where the name conform. It is a exclusive English word Demo means demonian and Cracy government. Which came into Democracy; and even the money, it is related to what I just mention with on figures and what is writing into. You need magnified glass to read all. One of the worse in history: was from Fidel de Castro, that even USA helps him too, taking Fulgêncio Batista from Cuba powers which call him Dictator. Fidel de Castro stays in power over fifty years. IN mine opinion one Dictator is bad other Dictator. One of problems about Human beings: loose honesty, as fast has he created, towards the others. Human philosophy it is Power and money or wealthy, that it is what they fight about it. We are now in the world; the same way, looking for power and money or wealthy, and for that manner not much we could do about it of so much corruption in all governments, and a completely abuse of Nature resources. The world is in dangers of collapse now: economical o financial, and by Nature into Globe Warming. We are towards a place without returned any more, no cure, nothing could save the planet. Just wait for the time of many catastrophes created by men. A.Oscar

  22. John says:

    When will the Russian people rise again and throw off Putin and the Western-backed Oligarchs, who grind them into the ground as much as the Tsars ever did?

    • geoff says:

      Yes find somebody to blame! We can rally around! And start a revolution!

      Stop blaming, its only a way of hiding from the truth.

  23. beast says:

    Not “Fling the bottle”, but “hit the enemy” (which is, the bottle).

  24. herpedlederpinzeiefl says:

    We pretend to work, they pretend to pay.

  25. Leandro says:

    I love English Russia. I love Mother Russia.

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