7 How Much Is It To Be A Student?

How Much Is It To Be A Student?

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Almaty is considered to be one of the most important student cities of Kazakhstan. There are more than 50 universities and colleges there, let alone  technical schools. Naturally, a great part of its people is students. Those who come to this city to hit the books, constitute another part of its population. Where does an average non-resident student live and what is his/her living expenses in Almaty?

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The majority of newly arrived students do not expect to get a room in a hostel in Almaty. That's why they begin their school year with a search of lodging. One can see crowds of young people at the intersection of Makataev Street and Kunaev Street. Locals call this intersection a patch, or 'zhetim burish' in Kazakh, which means 'the corner of the orphan'.

Students from Almaty save at least 4-5 thousand dollars a year, while non-residents have to rent a room or an apartment, or sometimes even a worker hut, for 100-800 dollars a month.


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7 Responses to “How Much Is It To Be A Student?”

  1. Verto says:

    In “soviet time”education was absolutely “free” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !capitalism even destroyed “lovely” student life ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !RIP to student life.

    • geoff says:

      Was all education free in “Soviet time”,even university. Here in Australia there are state schools (free) and private ones that you pay for. At university you do not pay the whole cost of education, it is subsidized.

      Those students life didn’t look too bad.

      • Verto says:

        Instead of getting education,the students try to look something good place to live,every 3 or 4 months,fixing plumbing failure,and daily fight with neighbours because of late night parties ! ! ! ! ! ! !University “hostile” life was paradise ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Ostyak-Vogul says:

      It was free only if u was a communist, member of the komsomol and all. An beside, you couldn’t choose what you wanted to study: it was decided for you by the director of the college where you have been pupil. My dad wanted to be a lawyer, he ended beeing a pediatrician… I prefer pay, and do what I want to & having the political opinions I want to.

  2. DouglasU says:

    college is just another big business industry worldwide. Here is USA it is all about emptying the pockets of the students. Want to make money? Open a college!!!!

  3. schtuka says:

    Ostyak that is a bull. Education was free if you you can get in. Most popular universities had 15-50 people for one seat in the group depending on city and future profession. Don’t forget that those who finished school with gold medal (all A’s) had to go through only one exam instead of 6. The problem was that you could get in and by pass competition if you knew someone or were a child of VIP person.

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