16 The Exhibition of Soviet Home-Made Cars

The Exhibition of Soviet Home-Made Cars

In the USSR, to buy a car one had not only save money for the whole life and but also had to wait for his turn for no less than 8 years... But Russian men are never going
to surrender. That's why they made cars with their own hands. Here are the pictures of such handmade works of art found and exhibited by Ilya Sorokin.
6 Planking In Russia

Planking In Russia

"Planking" is an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual
location. Pictures below show how the game is gaining popularity in Russia.
7 Life Through The Camera Lens

Life Through The Camera Lens

Meet an outstanding photographer Maxim Marmur who has been taking pictures since childhood. His pictures appeared at the pages of many world-famous newspapers such as Time, Guardian, The Times, Washington Post, NY
Times, LA Times, GQ Italy, GQ Russia, Madame Figaro, Stern. In spite of the fact Maxim was a witness of many war conflicts being a news-writer he is still a very optimistic and sociable person.
17 A Magic Transformation

A Magic Transformation

Magical things happen not only at Christmas but also at any other time of the year provided that one can find himself or herself in a right place and at a right time. See what happened to the guy in the picture
who lost his job, was left by a girl and didn't even have money to go to his native town after he met a person who felt compassion for him and decided to invest money of his own into a new project.

9 Winter Sleep of the Ports

Winter Sleep of the Ports

The pictures were freely taken at a port without being stopped by
guards who were busy with celebration of the New Year Eve.
17 Walking Through Stalkers Zone

Walking Through Stalkers Zone

Today we'll go to a place that closely restores the atmosphere from a role-playing
game called Stalker based on a story written by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

29 The Contest In Professional Shooting

The Contest In Professional Shooting

Just the other day, at the firing ground of Alabino city, the teams of soldiers from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine hit
qualifying standards in shooting. It was a part of the program of two contests titled "Professional" and "Sniper". Let's look at how all happened.
23 The Seal Pup Rejected By Its Own Family

The Seal Pup Rejected By Its Own Family

This seal pup sitting on the beach all alone looks very sad. Is having a reddish-brown skin and blue eyes a crime? Its family rejected the poor
thing just because it was albino... These photos were taken on Seal Island (Sakhalin) by some very lucky photographer. Check them out.
3 Illegal Infiltration Into A Bank

Illegal Infiltration Into A Bank

Do you know what banks look like from the inside? The name of
the bank is not mentioned as the infiltration was illegal.
20 Military Trainings In Chechnya

Military Trainings In Chechnya

Today we'll trip to the firing ground near the village of Sernovodskoe, the Chechen Republic. Here maneuvering retreats were
practiced. This is a tactic that allows to retreat from numerous enemy forces, minimize losses and drain enemy's troops.

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