9 Chateau Purcari In Moldavia

Chateau Purcari In Moldavia

Posted on September 30, 2011 by

Moldavia is not really famous for its sights and attractions. So, one of them is ‘Purcari’, the oldest winery in Moldavia. It was founded in 1827 and had been on the decline for some time, until Moldavian and American investors restored it.

Today the production area looks like a real chateau with wine cellars, a park, a hotel, a restaurant, a vineyard and many other interesting details.

Prices are reasonable and the wine’s really good at the restaurant.

Other than that, ‘Purcari’ has a little store with a wide choice of popular Moldavian wines and local proprietary ones as well. Those who are used to buying cheap Moldavian wines, shall be disappointed.  15 euros for a 2005 bottle of wine may seem a bit expensive but have no doubt, it’s worth it!

Location: Moldavia

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9 Responses to “Chateau Purcari In Moldavia”

  1. kobelev says:

    nice, i’ve been here

  2. Zonda says:

    Purcari, Cricova, Mandresti… very good wineries. 90% of their production are going to Russia market.

  3. marxistworker says:

    “Moldavia is not really famous for its sights and attractions…”
    Maybe, but it should be known for Lev Berg, the great Soviet geographer and ichthyologist who came up with the theory of nomogenesis.

  4. Adrian says:

    We hope Estern Moldavia(a part of Oriental Romania) will soon join her motherland Romania.

  5. marius says:

    Moldova is Romania, not Russia. Not even English Russia!!!

  6. D says:

    romanian nationalists are in the comments even here…

  7. joe says:

    this is why I like englishrussia. if you just followed the british media you would believe that east europe is a no man’s land populated by zombies or cheap labour and sex slaves for London

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