25 A Boy Or A Girl?

A Boy Or A Girl?

While looking at somebody’s photo today it’s really difficult to denote who your are looking at: a boy or a girl. Workers of a famous Russian social network decided to fix the misunderstanding. Now it will be possible to determine a participant’s sex with the help of personal data that have to be filled in obligatory.

via kisoklassniki

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25 Responses to “A Boy Or A Girl?”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    Pardon me whilst I vomit.

  2. BlowME says:

    ……………………………. *puke*

  3. El Chapo says:

    The guy just hates himself. And can’t change it.

    • Mann says:

      True. Guys like this hate everything about themselves too much and want to be “another person”. It’s a mental disorder. And causes natural rejection to most people. Let’s see how much negative responses my comment gets.

  4. Scott says:

    Why does this cause offense ? Unless these folk (male / female) are directly causing you or others harm, why should you be offended if their choose to dress and behave in that manner.

    Better to just smile and walk on by, don’t you think ?

    It’s usually the bone structure / sizes in the hands and feet that are a giveaway. Not that I have any direct knowledge or experience.

    Personally I find a purely androgynous look more aesthetically pleasing.

    • Pancake King says:

      Looking at this guy, gave me the same sensation as looking a sexed two headed dog. An aberration like that is accidental. This guy wants to be one.

  5. Elsa says:

    …dammit if he isn’t prettier than me though.

  6. Tovarich Volk says:

    I have no problem with gays, but this is just wrong. –On the bright side though, if you ever run out of mayonnaise, you could just pop by his place and have him squeeze his face over whatever you want mayonnaise on.

  7. zero says:

    At this point it doesn’t matter if this is a “boy” or a “girl”, because the only option is “avoid that person at all costs”. With such face/makeup it is either an extremely unattractive girl or a male cross-dresser that doesn’t know how to use cosmetics.

  8. yojimbo says:

    Damn you guys get that excited? It is OK.If such things really bother you so much then why did you look at this topic in the first place.

    So there are transgender people in this world big deal man.You would have to be so hammered drunk or high on dope to not spot a transgender person and on top of that you would also have to be in an establishment where they are socially accepted.In ohter words if you are not gay and seeking a transgender and you do not go to a gay/bi/transgender club then you will be ok.

    Some people are so in confident in their own sexuality.AT the transgender has the balls to appear as how they feel inside.

    • zero says:

      Well, I think that at least some people hoped that this article will have women dressed in mens clothing or girls with short haircuts. As long as there’s no facial hair, and the girl is pretty, this can look great (if there’s a style, of course, etc).

      Instead there are bunch of cross-dressing guys with skin problems. My stomach doesn’t handle this kind of stuff well.

      • yojimbo says:

        I dont know about that personally I like to see a true female with shorter hair myself my wife wears her hair very short sometimes even buzz cut but still no matter how hard they try a transgender person never fully looks like the sex they wish to appear to be(in the US at least they also must through a battery of tests to verify that they are truly transgender in their mind) I mean even with the make up there are certain male structural features that can not be fully hidden.That and the hands male hands are distinctive.

        My point is it should not really bother you very much if you are heterosexual and attracted to women other forms of sexual behavior that you are not attracted to should not make you feel so uncomfortable.Some people have the excuse that they fear some form of gay person “going” for them not all that common when they get a very violent reaction depending on the person.

        Even if a gay dude hits me I treat it the same way as a come on from a woman that I am not attracted to I am not going to punch some woman in the face as you hear many men claim they would do if hit on by a gay person.I personally think such a violent reaction comes from ones personal discomfort and doubt about themselves and they fear things the most that expose such a weakness as they my feel it to be.

  9. Roberto says:

    ewwww yea there are gays and gays but well in Russia or Ukraine these gays are ewwwww ugly this is the result of the vodka like Perestroika gay!!!

  10. shaihulud says:

    these guys can be sometimes more beautiful as girls, as rl women.

  11. opticalsound says:

    It’s a Boy George!

  12. cro says:

    Sodoma & Gomora – the end is near…

  13. Mizz(A)... says:

    After looking at the girls around here where i live i actually found this a bit attracitv… I hawe no problems understanding why some men prefer guys like this instead of that… However, i think it´s wrong deny what You are anyway.

  14. Prince says:

    Well, this guy or girl needs serious help.
    This disease is spreading like hell, thanks to Social media and Facebook.

  15. Hans says:

    Now this post should have the “Parental Advisory” sign, not the innocent “cars and girls” pics.

  16. perristalsis says:

    You guys have never been to the Philippines, the “Benny Boys” there can be more attractive than the chicks, especially after a few San Miguel beers.

  17. Vlad says:

    I’M THE GUY FROM THESE PICS.. (I don’t really understand why the last pic is posted here.. cause I’m not on it. whatsoever). firstly, what the hell! the pictures were stolen from my private page and posted here, but all right. actually it’s really amazing to read you here guys, cause these are fotos taken at a parties, where such look was an appropriate thing an I did it just to make fun and shock the public.. and please! I don’t hate myself. lol lol. “Perestroia Gay”)))))) I love that. have a nice day

  18. Vlad says:

    this is my facebook page btw http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1164781687

    and you can find lots of fotos of other kinds there and see that I’m not a kind of person which the author of this post’s trying to make me.

  19. rmacleod says:

    russia has the right idea on what to do with the faggits

  20. adidas nmd says:

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