9 Back In History: The Battle Of Alma

Back In History: The Battle Of Alma

Reconstruction of the renown battle of Alma of 1854 took place in Vilino village, Crimea. The activity is carried out for the 4th time and gains more importance every year.

Alma is a river in the Crimea that flows into the Black Sea. Monuments to soldiers perished in the war can be seen in capitals of three European countries.

Soldiers eat bacon, gingerbread and honey.

Anyone can take part in the battle. The camp is traditionally divided into two parts: one part for Russian troops and the other one – for their enemies. The atmosphere reminds the one of the 19th century.

Cooking in the field kitchen.

Photography was used for the first time in history to mark  the events that occurred during the Crimean war.

One English officer said that the Englishmen had lost less people in the battle of Waterloo than they did in the battle of Alma.

In 1854 the Russians cut to pieces the Turkish army making England and France enter in a war.

The French army.


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9 Responses to “Back In History: The Battle Of Alma”

  1. Mr. Fox says:

    “wounded soldiers” ???

    I always wonder,
    What make ‘wounded’ soldiers on reenactment?

  2. EngrishBob says:

    They have the union flag upside down.

  3. Scott says:

    Splendid stuff – do humans also re-enact times of peace, or are they just not dynamic enough.

    Be careful with that black-powder, sparks and dry grass peeps – accidents can and do happen! Glad all the blood was fake.

  4. BitemeIamtoxic says:

    Remembering our heritage is extremely important. I would like to see this event. We have civil war re-enactments that explore the lifestyle of the period (1860’s), much more than just the battles.

  5. viktor says:

    More pictures of the nurses please.

  6. too much vodka says:

    The black haired soldier in the second picture can come to Waterloo in June to play the role of Napoleon Bonaparte.

  7. OLUT says:

    Photo guy should get a digital back to stick on that large format camera. (That’s if they’ve improved since I used one, it was not portable when I had one.) Then he could do some really cool stuff!

  8. Froggy says:

    The pic 17 with a guy in red coat has the title “the French army”. As far as I know, the redcoats were English; the French army wore blue coats with red pants and red hat. The only French regiment wearing red coats were the Swiss Guards, which had been dissolved in 1830.

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