25 The Main Center of the Russian Space Forces

The Main Center of the Russian Space Forces

Posted on September 24, 2011 by team

The Space Forces are a separate branch of the armed forces of the Russian Federation responsible for the defense of Russia in space. Today we’ll visit their main center and look at those people and devices that control the situation in space.

The main tasks of the Space Forces.
– A timely warning of the beginning of a nuclear attack;
– The creation, deployment and management of the spacecraft of military and socio-economic purposes;
– The control of near-Earth space, constant exploration of the areas of a potential enemy with the help of satellites;
– The anti-missile defense of the country, destruction of attacking ballistic missiles of the enemy.

Journalists are met by the unit’s commander.

“Does the center watch UFOs?”
“No, we have not yet seen a single UFO but the version supporting its existence does have the right to live”, said the Colonel.

The office of the Colonel.

A map on its wall.

“Russia was, am and will be a great space power”

This is one of the most important rooms of the building – the center where duty officers spend all their time…

Making the constant analysis of information about the outer space environment, coming from radars and other special devices, and giving all necessary recommendations to ensure the safety of Russia and the International Space Station.


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25 Responses to “The Main Center of the Russian Space Forces”

  1. A. Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here, there, and everywhere.
    If this is Space Command, wouldn’t that make the Colonel, the Space Commander?

    Why does Space Command need sappers?

    I know this is for real because of what the young officer said about the communication from NASA, ““Look at what Americans have just sent to us”, says the officer. “Whichever way you look at it, you’ll understand nothing”
    Of course, all communications from the US government are written in a secret code, known only to bureaucrats, even messages that are meant to be understood by the public are in this code. It is designed to confuse an already confused populace and discourage any kind of response, or participation, from
    non-governmental personnel.

    All joking aside, it’s good the Russians look out for space debris, pressure like this may discourage the Chinese from testing their weapons in space and making a mess in orbit the way they did a few years ago.

    • ayaa says:

      Don’t think those are sappers. However, it makes perfect sense for their presence. To defend the base from attack. After all thats the sort of thing that Spetsnaz are trained for. But they wont be expecting Spetsnaz, more likely Rangers or Green Berets. Thats if hostilities oocur, though.

    • YJ says:

      All those space debris was left by the Russian and US over long period of time, yet when China did it for the first time it’s criticized, that just pure bias.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      Fascinating post, right Archy? No need to worry about UFO’s. We are our own worst enemy. Can you imagine if the U.S. And Russia cooperated 100% on space travel/tech? We could go anywhere in this Solar System; we’d have bases on the Moon or Mars. With the cooperating brain power we’d be decades ahead of where we are now…

      • A. Bunka says:

        Russian companies have begun to plan a space ferry that will travel between the moon and earth, a project with foresight.
        Man will have a place in space exploration, but there are huge technical and physical hurdles to be overcome. I believe that computers and automation will advance to the point where man in space will be largely symbolic. It is disappointing that Russian/American cooperation in space looks like it will die with the ISS, you are correct.

      • Fossil says:

        (r)evolutionist: You are a smart man. I think this will actually happen.

    • Otis R. Needleman says:

      Interesting pics. I’m sure this is just one small command station. Didn’t see anyone higher than a colonel. The Russian national space command headquarters control center would have at least one general on duty at all times, in case of a known/suspected hostile ICBM launch. Far as what the Americans sent, it wouldn’t be in code at all, but most likely in a mutually-agreed upon format the average person wouldn’t know anything about. When you are dealing with space launches and anything that could pose a problem either way, you want to make VERY sure the people on the other end understand exactly what you are telling them. No, this is just a small space command detachment. The troops in training are the local guards. The actual space operations people won’t be marching around doing this stuff; they’ll be training on their space operational mission.

  2. rostit says:

    It will be the Russians who will forge ahead in space exploration. They have dealt with economic uncertainty much longer than the US and they realized that technology and research are what will bring them into the future. Here in the states we are still trying to decide if Chaz Bono is allowed to go on Dancing with the Stars rather than worrying about saving our own way of life and enhancing it.

    • A. Bunka says:

      Chaz Bono is a national embarrassment but America will survive, lol.
      As far as weighting who is in ahead in the space race, when you consider the USAF is operating an automated shuttle, and that American satellites can land, takeoff, and land again on asteroids, you make the call.

  3. Kiefer says:

    Can’t wait till experts come here to comment on “Why Russian space base doesn’t look like expensive hollywood movie decorations”, which as the matter of fact are costly and useless.
    This facility is efficient and simple to the degree of perfect balance between the realm where human understanding can reaches the complexity.

  4. Barbar says:

    Behold the Earthmen shield against the God damned Martian intruders!

  5. Blode says:

    I just hope the Russians are better at flying in space than they are at driving cars around the streets

    • Kalimba says:

      They are. They can give you a lift to space in Soyuz.

    • dap says:

      well lets see- if you want to get people into space- which country can get you into orbit, with (altho dated) very reliable equipement???

      and which country has to `bum a lift’ if they want to get to orbit???

      enough said…

  6. OLUT says:

    What I took away from these photos is “man, I love goulash!”? I should probably eat something.

  7. marxistworker says:

    If this post had been sent by neutrino light, we would have read it yesterday…

  8. opticalsound says:

    The Russian officer can’t make heads or tails of the American report. Must’ve been sent by a Texan…

  9. Imperialist says:


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