39 Kabul: the Capital You Do Not Want to Visit

Kabul: the Capital You Do Not Want to Visit

Posted on September 23, 2011 by team

The capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, is located in the mountains, at an altitude of 1850 m above sea level. This is not only one of the highest capitals in the world but also one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. Unfortunately, longterm wars destroyed the once beautiful city and now it looks more like a huge dump with numerous checkpoints and garbage which no one bothers to clean.

Kabul has a long history. The first mention of it refers to the second millennium BC. And only in 1776, it became the capital of the modern state of Afghanistan.

British forces captured Kabul in September, 1879. History has a lot of evidence of their cruelty and vandalism. One of the most glaring examples is the fact that they erected a gallows in the shape of a circle (the so-called “carousel of death”) and used it to execute several dozens of people at once.


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39 Responses to “Kabul: the Capital You Do Not Want to Visit”

  1. xkurban says:

    now, why does it feel like jakarta?

  2. zx says:

    good report. eatched every single photo

  3. Daniel says:

    This is what the city looks like after billions of U.S. dollars in aid. Afghans are in charge of running this city. It looks like most of that money went into the pockets of corrupt officials. How much would it have cost to clean up some of the garbage and paint the buildings? Shameful.

    • Chac Mool says:

      The Half a Billion dollars were never meant for the Afghans. It was meant to mantain the operations of a very expensive allied Army and a puppet crook government, who signs nice pipelines contracts. This is what you get.

  4. John P says:

    “Over 50 years, nothing has changed here.”

    It was cleaner and more peaceful…

  5. John says:

    The afghanistan situation is a complicated some in some respects. if Americans were not so sick on drugs and heroin, the poppie fields and crops would be pretty useless. This means the Taliban would have a much harder time to make money and be perhaps no real threat at all. With no Taliban, perhaps no 9/11 and then perhaps no spending TRILLIONS of dollars on 2 wars these past 10 years. So, part of the problem is sicko Americans (and the West) and their drugs. But that is PART of the problem.

    • yojimbo says:

      We spend all this money over seas while we do almost nothing about the Drug cartels along the Mexican/US border who have clearly made an open declaration of war on the US government they have killed dozens of Border Patrol agents over the past 10 years and their drugs threaten the fiber of our nation but no that is not too important. The up side is that some military embers have realized where the true threat lies and have joined the Border Patrol so that they can truly defend their home land.

      • dmjdjdmy says:

        “their drugs threaten the fiber of our nation” Are you kidding? Their drugs? Who do you think is buying all these drugs from Mexico?

      • John says:

        But do you realize the the problem with the Mexican drug trade is that there is a market IN AMERICA for them to exist. IfAmericans had no obession with drugs the Mexican problem would simplt disappear (supply and demand). So the real problem is the American people, not goverment (Mexican or American) border agencies

      • Dead Mexican says:

        Border Patrol? The “threat” is endless drug consumption, or the millions of Amreican potheads that pay 70% of Mexican Cartels earnings. US authorities tolerate the drug consumption, there is no other explanation for the 18 million pot users last year only in the US. And they don’t give a damn of the losing Mexican effort and their 50,000 dead casualties and chaos. Much less for the Afghan Heroin traffickers. Drug “Wars” are a tragic joke.

  6. John P says:

    And the billions we poured into there, what a waste of
    U.S. taxpaer money…

    • Kalimba says:

      More than $450 billion ended up turning a very poor country into a Heroin supplier, starving country.

    • A. Bunka says:

      Heroin addicts are everywhere. If you are looking for blame, there is plenty to go around. The Taliban had actually stopped poppy production at one point, so I don’t understand your point.
      Maybe the trouble began when some extinct superpower decided it needed to move in on India?

      • Kalimba says:

        “Heroin addicts are everywhere”. But the biggest supplier of Heroin is not “everywhere”. It is Afhanistan, and your military (with your taxes) is protecting Drug Trafficking. Possibly your problem is that you can’t divert this embarrassment to anyone else. Sad.

    • Ball Breaker says:

      Bunka, Wrong. Soviets moved in becasue there was an islamic guerrilla threatening a Socioalist government in the 70’s. And these US backed guerillas kicked the Soviets and later turned agianst you, sending the country back to the middle ages (and levelling your WTC and Pentagon)… Now you support the biggest Heroin producers/exporters in the world! You have a problem choosing your “friends”.

  7. Mr T says:

    Thank you religion and war for pimpin my towm..

  8. Detroit,Michigan looks far worse thin this.Compared to Detroit,Michigan Kabul looks like paradise.

    • Edgar says:

      ? i mean, i have a few friends that moved to the metro area(i live north of there) aanndd detroit looks nothing like this.. i’m not trying to build up detroit or because of pride or something like that, but, these photos sadden me.. just because its real. this would be more akin to gary indiana

  9. YJ says:

    US government lies, trick American people going to war for all the supposedly right reasons, but in reality those war doesn’t benefit anyone but a few individuals.
    Just look at some of the latest wars fought by the US. We were in Iraq for the WMDs, we didn’t find it then we change topic to liberating Iraqi people just for the hell of it so that we can stay there and control them. And Afghanistan was fought because of Osama Bin Laden, and here is the problem a whole country doesn’t have to suffer because of action of a few people, this is like what Hitler did in WWII, making all Jews suffer because what he thinks about a few of them.

  10. Kalimba says:

    The US soldiers guarding the opium of Heroin traffickers may have a different opinion.

  11. Dee_Ann says:

    Filthy barbarian stone age savages!

  12. wee willie winkie says:

    What a dump. Course it has been that way for centuries.

  13. M. Saeed says:

    I’m from Afghanistan, and I don’t think is an accurate representation of my country. I could be wrong, but it very much seems like the author/photographer visited Afghanistan for perhaps a week or two, stayed only in the capital city, and photographed essentially the same location from a variety of viewpoints.

    Seeing these photos, one could be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing more to the city than the polluted river. It references the entire city looking like a “slum” and yet doesn’t show any of the exorbitantly expensive (and, I might add, often hideous) houses used by large organizations (sometimes known here as ‘poppy palaces’)

    The photographer chose to photographer a high wall just near the luxurious Serena Hotel while avoiding the hotel itself. I’m not saying that these places are luxury are necessarily good, I just believe the picture both this photographer and author painted is one dimensional and biased.

    If you come to Kabul again, I suggest finding a better guide.

    Lastly, it’s a bit tiresome to hear (on a Russian site) all this trashing of the U.S. and Americans. My country was devastated long before the US came by the decade long war with the Soviets, where so many of us lost our livelihoods, limbs and family members.

    Not saying the U.S. is a savior in any way, I think it would be better if they left, both for our sake and for theirs. Having family in America I find it baffling to see the amount of US taxes being poured into my country but for whose real benefit.

    But please don’t rewrite history as if this all happened in 2001. It didn’t.

  14. Scott says:

    Let’s not forget that in the 80’s the US gave million$ to the mujahideen to fight the USSR – dollars and Stingers etc etc. That’s right, the US funded bin Laden and his pals, stoopid fux.

    But the real problem isn’t here anyway – it’s always been in Pakistan! Thanks to US intervention in the 80’s Afghanistan became a prime source of income for terrorist groups based in Pakistan.

    Thank you for your insight M.Saeed – I wish you and your fellow Afghans all the best for the future. Don’t forget that the US is going to “re-build” your nation, just like it did in Iraq, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, right! – cos the US economy is thriving right now and they have lots of $$ to throw at the situation don’t they. Yes, I know, UK has a lot to be blamed for as well – Tony Blair especially. Makes me sick to even write down his name.

    I’m not sure the West will ever comprehend the mind-set of Arab tribes people, I just wish for that reason alone it would keep it freekin nose out of their business. But then Jews hold the purse-strings in Western banks so there you go – Post WWII all that jewish gold arriving west made politicians go crazy I guess.

    These people won’t miraculously change their culture just because there is a McDonald’s in town – they need a bit more than that if you get mixed up trying to make their future.

    • Kalimba says:

      It’s all OK Scott, but don’t blame only the Jewish people for the ancient greed of the West, or the destructive power thirst of the Soviets. Both sides were (or are) filled with people supporting the most self interested policies. Nothing new.

  15. Cristi says:

    It’s easy to speak when you’re living in civilisation.

  16. vla says:

    Thanks you USA ! They bring peace and democracy !

  17. Nr.3,332... says:

    Now you Afgan peeps,Clean the river,fill ur water-pipe with fresh water and poppy or pot,and chill after a day of labor on the land,build a 18+peepshow and don’t look at young female dressed boys dancing on a bear carpet.

  18. pepper says:

    If anyone on here wants to understand the current political situation in the middle east then I can recommend reading Seven Pillars of Wisdom from T.E. Lawrence(AKA Lawrence of Arabia).


    It’s a great read of someone that understood the mindset of the people in the middle east.

  19. mukmika says:

    So sad to see Afghanistan evolving backwards. Education may be the answer, especially for females.

  20. Scott says:

    M.Saeed – You are, of course, quite correct and I did not mean any offense by using “arabs”. I knew it was incorrect as I typed it, but I failed to find brief, adequate terminology that would convey the message. I stand corrected thank you.

    There are equally as many ill educated, illiterate westerners as may be found in any other part of the world – we can claim no prizes for that one ;-)

  21. ptc says:

    Germany and Japan

  22. todd says:

    What happened to the waters of the river.Sad very sad 20th century mess.

  23. Marc says:

    “In some places Kabul is very much like Amsterdam – the same number of bicycles and picturesque canals”.

    No, it really resembles Venice in Italy much more. Really!

  24. JohnnyMorales says:

    Pathetic to see Russians holding a grudge against Afghanistan for what happened there when the experience of the USSR then was a result of its own incredibly stupid leaders who made incredibly stupid decisions for the nation for which the USSR paid the ultimate price with its collapse. To be clear we have also made the same stupid decisions but with one important difference. Most Americans are coming around to how stupid it was. Russians however at least the one posting these pictures even 30 years on are still holding a grudge against the people least to blame for anything that happened to Russians, to Americans or to themselves. They are the true victims, regardless of their backwardness. Had the USSR stayed out of there, and the USA stayed out of there, the place would still be beautiful. Russians need to blame the right people, their leaders at the time.

  25. SHAH says:

    LOL! That place really look like as truly “the Graveyard of empires”

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