14 Cool Retro Photos from the Archives of ITAR-TASS

Cool Retro Photos from the Archives of ITAR-TASS

Posted on September 22, 2011 by team

A compilation of retro photographs taken from the archives of ITAR-TASS (the Information Telegraph Agency of Russia), one of the best news agency of Russia.

“A place for rest – a whale’s mouth”, Y. Muravin, 1960

“Antiseismic reinforcement”, K. Tarusov, 1978


14 Responses to “Cool Retro Photos from the Archives of ITAR-TASS”

  1. JUha says:

    Talented photographers

  2. briedis says:

    Love some quality photographs! Thanks!

  3. John says:

    A lot has changed in Russia, but the fall roads are still the same!

  4. OLUT says:

    So many great photos here! I really like the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment one with the bicycle and water. The “The construction of an open-hearth shop” photo with the staircase and windows reminds me of the Elvis film “Jailhouse Rock.”

  5. Mr. Fox says:

    Maybe, Some photos have subtitle – ‘The Art of Work.’

  6. Tangowolf says:

    These photos are beautiful.

  7. Verto says:

    In “folk festival” pic,how serious looking they are ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Under the sharp eyes of V I Lenin ! ! ! ! ! ! !During the Socialist era,there was nothing “folk leftover” ! ! ! ! ! !

  8. Boston Bloke says:

    I think the “city on piles- oil rocks” is Azerbaijan.

  9. Palko says:

    “I’m just chillin in this whale”

  10. Gerry says:

    Of course all photos made according to Soviet guidelines: work is always pleasant and never tiresome, everyone is fit and like dancing, there are no sad faces, no poor people. But anyway, great photos, I like them.

  11. marxistworker says:

    The music of euclidean geometry (last ten pics).

  12. Piotr says:

    More please!

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