4 Space So Close

Space So Close

The pictures presented are taken from the archive of the Federal Space Agency and made by Russian and American astronauts in the open space including those taken by the space telescopes.


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4 Responses to “Space So Close”

  1. Mr. Fox says:

    Boomdiada~ Boomdiada~
    Boomdiada~ Boomdiada~

  2. alvarhillo says:

    Do you say me where can I found the sleeping bags whit fur in to it who dress the cosmonauts when he arrive on heart?

  3. marxistworker says:

    According to some scientists dark matter’s presence has been miscalculated. Instead of cold dark matter created right after the Big Bang, warm dark matter created later might be the true dark matter acting as the main gravitational force in Nature. The LHC has not found any evidence of CDM (cold dark matter).

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    Spacemen 3.

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