38 The Eastern Front of WW II

The Eastern Front of WW II

Posted on September 20, 2011 by team

Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kiev and other Soviet cities, where fierce battles with the German army continued, Russian people called simply “the eastern front”. Huge losses from both sides must remain permanently in the memory.
Soviet soldiers attack the enemy at Stalingrad, fall 1942.

A commander of Cossack troops near Kharkov, 1942.

A German anti-tank gun waits for Russian tanks, 1942.

Residents of Leningrad are stocking up on water, 1942.

For the last journey on sled, Leningrad, fall 1942.

The fight for Rostov, August 1942.

A German mechanized column force the Don, July 1942.

A Russian woman after the German attack.

The execution of Jews near Kiev, 1942.

A German soldier with a Russian gun,  spring, 1942.

German soldiers force the river in a tank, August 1942.

Bombs falling on Stalingrad,  September 1942.


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38 Responses to “The Eastern Front of WW II”

  1. cro says:

    “Russian people called simply “the eastern front”.”
    -Isnt that western front for Russian people? Eastern would be towards Japan?

  2. CZenda says:

    “Tigers near Eagle” is very silly caption. Should read “Tigers near Orel”. Orel is a town.

  3. tanker says:

    Your T-43 is a T-34.

    • BlowME says:

      There was a T-43, 3 of them actually built according to wiki. Maybe its one of those 3, who knows :D

      • j pigden says:

        Not likely, the T43 prototype wasn’t completed until mid ’43. Also, the turret is a T34-76. The T43 used the T34-85 turret. This is, therefore, a simple typo.

  4. historian says:

    Not only SS but also normal Wehrmacht used to kill Jews and all other citizens. I remember when I visited several bruned down villages but the Germans, they burned all citzens from this village in a house, woman, children and the old. All died in fire.

    I hope 99% of the Germans from this time burn now in hell.

    But I love the newest propaganda of Staufenberg. He was also a nazi who hated slaws and jews. But just realized that Germany should end the war, because Hitler was crazy. Read some text of this fascist. Only few german people, you can count them on hands were trully an opposition. e.g Scholl..

    • j pigden says:

      REMEMBER, history is written by the winners! Every word of history must be measured against the source. Stalin was notorious for rewriting history to suit himself. Look up http://www.theserpentswall.com/page22.html

      • Verto says:

        May be,but don’t ignore the accepted facts about the destruction done by the Germans in entire European theater.from Baltic to Italy,from Poland to stalingrad each and every city speak his German “hostility” oh! i mean hospitality! ! ! ! ! ! !.Put aside question of Jewish holocaust,but who killed millions of innocent civilians in German occupation areas?torture,rape,burning and systematically destruction of occupied land was common German practice.
        Twisting “History” is also big crime,

        • Tru says:

          That’s not quite like that. Germans occupied my country too and trust me, they were a whole lot nicer and more civilized than the Russians, when they took over the occupation. Sad when someone talk of stuff he/she is not entirely aware of.

    • Verto says:

      Historian! ! ! !well said . . . . . .”i hope 99% of the German from this time burn now in Hell” ! ! ! ! ! What about “100%” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! R I H . . . . (Rest in Hell)

    • jmlevasseur says:

      If you count Romani (more commonly known in English by the exonym “Gypsies”), Sinti, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Soviet civilians, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other political and religious opponents, which occurred regardless of whether they were of German or non-German ethnic origin along with the Jews, the Holocaust had between 11 and 17 million victims for the 7 years.

      Stalin’s Holomor (famine) 1932-33 killed between 3 and 7 million Ukrainians. That does not include the political executions or the heavily Ukrainian-populated Kuban. That would bring the totals to more than 9 million in one year.

      Hitler was evil…Stalin was too.

      • Celia says:

        If you count the CIVILIANS killed only in the USSR, you get 20 Million, and the 17 Million you counted (I don’t know the figures in the rest of Europe), well… Stalin was terrible… Hitler still gets the prize of unparalled inhumanity. He would have killed much more if he had lived more. But (ironically), it was Stalin’s USSR who paid the biggest price to stop him.

      • jmlevasseur says:

        Fact. Ukraine had the most agricultural land of all. Fact. More than 70% of the USSR’s produce came from the Ukraine. Fact. With the rise of separatists/nationalists in the Ukraine, Stalin thought that he might lose his “bread basket” he sent troops and strongmen to seize farms and land.

      • jmlevasseur says:

        No evidence? Care to go to the Ukrainian Government website about the famine that didn’t happen? Pictures. Quotes/Orders from Stalin.

      • j pigden says:

        Let me see … the guy responsible for this was also in charge of record keeping. There are no records of this, therefore, it didn’t happen. How very convenient!

  5. yojimbo says:

    The man shooting the Jewish woman and child I hope that he got a bayonet run through him or an that someone split his wig with an E-tool.I dont care what race you are people do not deserve to be treated like that Jew or not.

  6. John says:

    1. Great photos

    2. Major disprops for copying an article from the atlantic without attribution. Copying isn’t so bad, but plagarism is.

  7. petrohof says:

    soviet officer giving cigerettes to german pow? really? he should have given them a bullet.

    • Paul says:

      Then how would he know that he was better than them?
      Both sides did terrible things to each other, though of course the germans started it.

      • Celia says:

        Germans were much worse, bellieve me. Burning houses with people inside, or making death factories were nasty things that the soviets didn’t have.

        • j pigden says:

          History is written by the winners!
          Since Stalin decided what was reported, he didn’t let ANY negative things get reported! Only now, after the breakup of the SSRs, do we find evidence of Stalin’s iron fist and blind rage!

          • Kalimba says:

            Stalin was a terrible tyrant, but you can also discover now that it was the Soviet Army who destroyed the Nazi genocidal machine at a staggering price (under Stalin’s command). No nation has given so much as the USSR, in all recorded history.

  8. Mr. Fox says:

    “Residents of Leningrad are stocking up on water, 1942.”

    It’s very impressing.

  9. Mariel says:

    My god, war are the most terrible thing …..

  10. Karl says:

    It is obvious that in the photo captioned “German soldiers executing Jews” or whatever, the soldiers are aiming at a target beyond the people at the right. What they are truly aiming at is unknown.

  11. Tangowolf says:

    This was such a tragedy. Wars are so pointless. We should be embracing each other and celebrating our similarities. Not killing each other for differences or for temporal power.

  12. Hi says:

    Stalin was not one whit kinder to Jews than Hitler was.

  13. Vladislav says:

    The photo with the caption “The execution of Jews near Kiev, 1942″ is a proven fake. More propaganda against a country that, as the world and even Russia is coming to find out, was exactly 100% correct about the Jewish problem.

    • geoff says:

      Vladislav people LIKE YOU are the worlds worst problem.

      Any way we have all seen pictures from Nazi death camps, so we know it is true.

      But the truth is of no use to you is it Vladislav

  14. Alex says:

    All my wife’s relatives were buried alive in Ukraine by Germans. The only why my mother in-law was not killed because she was late to the Moscow-Kiev train. Also, Vladislav sound like Russian or Slavic name.
    Do you know how many Russians were killed by the Germans? Germans do not hide their past, and I think that they respect now their victims, but this Russian guy does not. Shame on you!

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