7 Elena The Healer

Elena The Healer

There was an accident 20 years ago. After lightning struck an electric meter hanging just above the bed of Elena Potapenko, the woman not only managed to survive but also received an unusual gift.

Now Elena can magnetize different objects both small and large and also cure various diseases. The healer helps people free of charge. It is still believed that leaving a small sum of money is necessary just to ‘make things go faster’. Elena takes the money to geriatric homes as she feels compassion for those who (unlike herself) couldn’t help growing old. It’s impolite to mention a woman’s age but according to the pictures at Elena’s home where she has a guitar in her hands, she was a young girl before the war in 1940.

Elena likes singing and dancing. Right now she is in charge for chorus that consists of veterans.  She says she wants to help as many people as possible. Elena also healed her husband who was elder to her and died at advanced age. The woman is busy with every patient until he or she feels improvement. Many people who were brought into her house left the place all by themselves.

Elena’s father was a healer too. But he never taught his daughter how to heal. She has two daughters and a son who died some time ago. Once there was a severe thunderstorm and she saw a little boy who tried to play with a broken electric wire and was given an electric shock. Elenastarted artificial respiration right in the pouring rain and saved  the boy. Since then she believes that this boy was sent to her life instead of her son who died. The saved boy who is now a father of 2 kids believes that Elena is his second mother, visits her every day and tells his children that Elena is their grandma.

It wasn’t easy to survive WWII. The Germans passed by their village striving for Stalingrad and left their allies to control the situation. Elena and her husband who hoped for the Victory every day, hid 2 partisans in their house. Soon enemies came to know about the fact and took the whole family to the execution place. There was an unspoken rule: 10 families must be murdered for each partisan hidden.

Fortunately, the family of Potapenko was saved by the partisans who returned accompanied by Russian troops.

After the war Elena started working at a concrete-producing factory and stayed there until she reached her retirement age where she was a technician of physical and chemical tests. This ugly enterprise harmed the entire environment around.   By the way, the woman got another gift: she paints and broiders professional pictures. Her husband kept on studying all the time trying hard to become an agriculturist, an accountant and even a painter. It’s from him Elena knows how to draw.

You may say that the woman taught many things from her father and husband and it has nothing to do with any miracles or lightnings. Elena is happy that these things happened to her. And as far as miracles go, our life is a great mere miracle as it is. Other events can be considered just small and unnoticeable wonders.

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7 Responses to “Elena The Healer”

  1. mukmika says:

    What is she doing with that man’s posterior in picture five?!

  2. Osip says:

    I once saw a Ukranian woman pick up a bottle of beer with her bosoms. But two electric irons…wow!

    • OLUT says:

      I think it was James Randi who debunked that whole “magnetic people” scam. It’s called NOT WASHING. He put plain powder on their skin and their magnetism instantly went away.

      The Ukrainian woman lifting a beer bottle, that was real. :)

  3. Verto says:

    “Electric meter hanging above The bed of Eelna” In soviet times,electric meters “measures your “power” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. Musa says:

    A fascinating woman, thank you for sharing her story and these photos of her.

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