11 Beautiful Fall at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Beautiful Fall at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Posted on September 20, 2011 by team

Fall has finally come to the Kronotsky Nature Reserve. Animals enjoy the abundance of food and prepare themselves for long and severe winter.

Usual for the Kronotsky Nature Reserve pictures.

One of Villain’s children patrols the bank of the lake.

The abundance of easily accessible food made the bears’ bellies look like the beer ones.

One of the bears often comes close to the house of the workers of the nature reserve. It seems that growing there crowberry is more to its taste than anywhere else (even though it’s scattered all over across the tundra in an incredible amount). In some places there are so many crowberries that it’s impossible to walk without stepping on them.

Is it the volcanic ash of Kizimen that affected so positively the harvest?

The spawning of sockeye salmon in the waters of the Kurile Lake is one of the most spectacular pictures on Kamchatka.

The Kurile Lake, the largest spawning ground for sockeye salmon in Eurasia, has a great fishery value. Fish spawn both in its shallows and in the rivers flowing into it. Those which has already entered the lake don’t hurry up to start spawning. They form dense clusters, consisting of tens of thousands individuals and looking like large monolithic spots from the helicopter. What is interesting is that sockeye salmon fills the lake not randomly, but moving along its banks in a clockwise direction.

Splashing fish tease standing on the beach hungry bears… This year more than two million sockeye salmon entered the lake, which is more than enough for their reproduction.

The river banks have already been painted in bright yellow for more than a month. The workers of the reserve call these flowers Kronotsky sunflowers, but in fact it’s certainly marsh groundsel.


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11 Responses to “Beautiful Fall at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve”

  1. Hoppergrass says:

    Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed looking at them.

  2. oernii says:

    absolutely fantastic pictures of a fantastic place.

  3. Verto says:

    Nature is beautiful.

  4. OLUT says:

    Agreed! Fantastic pictures. I freaking love that first photo of the outlined bear.

  5. peter says:

    thanks for beautiful photos.

  6. ion says:

    amazing silhouette photo of the bear. ^_^

  7. Arthur says:

    Fantastic place. :o

    This website has completely change my vision of Russia.

  8. someone, somewhere says:

    Damn, this planet would be so much better without us on it…

  9. aurelijus says:

    When I see those photos it seems to me that life in some cases is absolutely incredible. Pure nature, the harmony, no people, no cars or concrete only unspoiled nature, cool,light, fresh air and silence. Kronotsky, Kamchatka… Dream of mine. I am so jealous for the workers of the reserve.

  10. Musa says:

    Great Photos as usual, thanks for the extra information it makes for an excellent post.

  11. Ox .. ! kak Kraccibo .!!

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