6 Planking In Russia

Planking In Russia

“Planking” is an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual location. Pictures below show how the game is gaining popularity in Russia.


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6 Responses to “Planking In Russia”

  1. Addy says:

    At least Russians have an excuse for planking- it´s called vodka!

  2. Carol Lynn says:

    Oh no!! It’s like a disease spreading around the world!!! Planking, Owling… and I see photo #22 is of someone “Coneing”. Have you caught anyone “leisure diving” or “Pillaring” yet? “Teapotting” is popular, also. I hope a cure for this silly-ness is found soon. If the Russians discover one, please share it with us here in the U.S.!! ;-)

  3. ayaa says:

    better take a car.
    make sure you go fast.

  4. perristalsis says:

    The winner is the one who finds where the dog peed last!

  5. Scott says:

    Wow! what an interesting past time ;-)

  6. Douglas says:

    Wonderful….love to do it.

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